Lenice report


~El Pescador
no crowds and willing fish. ok, it was 14 degrees when I stepped out of my car in the morning, but there were NO fisherman. Just me and by fishing partner. Blue skies, the sun was out and no wind. ran into a couple of duck and upland bird hunters, but no other fisherman all day.
Fish were down low and taking nymphs all day. Intermediate line was used all day. Very steady from 12:00 - 1:30. Missed a million takes and landed quite a few fish. The west end seems to have larger fish but we never boated anything larger than 18 inches. smallest were 13 and a lot of 15-16 inch fish. Strong fights and beautiful fish.
There are still 5 days to fish - so get over there.
Nice report, dp. Thanks for posting. I am envious, for sure. But unfortunately, I have steelhead on the brain. No, wait, I retract that statement! Crap. Too many decisions to make on where to fish and what to fish for. :(


Not to be confused with Freestone
14F...no wonder you had the place to yourselves. You win the wooden nuts award. :D I was toying with a run over to DF's this week, but would like some warm-clines to show up. Thanks for sharing.


~El Pescador
thats right Scoot, I remember that day. I had a stick in the mud fishnig partner that day. I ended up at Rocky Ford. there is still plenty of seasons to hook up.
I want to hook up with Triploidjunkie and play on his waters on the Columbia. I have a 21 foot Alumawewld for those days. Happy Fishing to All and to All a Tight Line!