Lenore and Lenice report

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by JMitchell, Mar 28, 2011.

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    Fished Lenore Thursday with a couple other guys. Showed up to the north end with only three other guys fishing from shore. Water was the color of pea soup, visibility about one foot. We fished with indicators for about 2-3 hours w/o a take down. I decided to put on my type II and troll around near the cliffs, managed to get two nice cutts on a black seal bugger. The rest of the group had had enough and wanted to hit up Rocky F with we did. Moderate success with scuds, my little brother did land a pig of about 24-25 in.

    Lenice on Friday, lots of guys as we expected. Fished for 2 hours with my type II pulling buggers/damsels, no dice-not even a bump. Eventually switched over to chiros and had moderate success with bloodworms. I never got it completely dialed in, but did manage some nice fish-including my first fish a 20' tiger. I tried to coax him into a picture, but he was not willing.:)