Scott Salzer

previously micro brew
I was up last week, Thurs. There is some open water in the north end. Enough to fish a little from shore. The south end is basically ice free. I saw a few guys at the north end but not many. Of course, it was early ion the morn, about 0830.

Had some buddies there we were getting reports from each night over the weekend and it was completely dead. The water is open, but nobody was doing anything. There was ice on the lake within the past week, so I'm guessing it will take a couple of weeks to warm up and turn them on. The past couple of days over here are helping I'm sure. I think it is close to 60 right now.

We fished the Yak for 3 days instead, the first in the snow with iced rod guides. Got warmer the last two days. We caught fish all 3 days, with Sunday being the best for us. It was just good enough to keep you in the game, although the whitefish really put on a show Sunday. Lost count of how many we caught.