Leon's Natural Chironomids "Delicious"

Simple Natural looking Chironomids,takes all the time using bite indicator. Easy and quick to make.

Hook: Kamasan B100 size 12/10
Thread: Black 8/0
Body: 7/8 Pheasant Tail Fibers
Thorax: Black Thread
Thorax Sides: 1 side Gudebrod Floss Olive code BCS30
1 Side Gudebrod Floss Cream code BCS47
Thorax Wing Cover: Pheasant Tail fibers as from body.

Build: Tie on the Pheasant tail fibers at the hook bend as far down as possible,wind on the fibers to the thorax area,then mix a few turns of black thread all over body,
Now with the Pheasant Tail fibers sticking up at the thorax,just pull them back and build and put a few turns of thread holding the pheasant tail back. now attach a small piece of the olive and Cream floss on either side and then build up a thorax with your black thread, now bring both floss cheeks forward and tie off behind hook eye.now flap over the Pheasant tail wing cover and also tie off behind hook eye. apply super glue to head thread.
Simple yet so effective.
Tight Lines to all that try these! Leon (Claymore)


spent spinner
Nice looking kyro-nomids

Interesting to use a different color for each cheek. You could call them "two-face" chironomids.