Let's see your fleet

Who else is obsessed by small boats? Symptons include scrolling through Craigs list constantly even though you KNOW you don't need another boat, constantly reading reviews and getting opinions about another boat you don't really need, spending as much time looking at boats in people's yards etc as you do watching the road as you drive.

Let's see your fleet!

Here's mine for starters.


no picts but....

14' Koffler Rocky Mtn Trout boat
12' Fold-a-Boat
(2) JW Outfitter pontoon boats

I apparently like to row

by the way I'd be interested in a small (6hp?), long shaft two stroke for the Koffler

Milt Roe

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19 ft Grady White w/175 e-tec for salmon/etc. in the sound, long distance SRC
14 ft cedar plank skiff for SRC
15 ft Trumbly sailer (in mothballs)
12 ft gregor aluminum (dragging on the beach, kids boat)
Then there's the wife's kayak
and a 16 ft Listerbuilt cedar strip inboard (brother and I need to restore - see pic)
and the Century my Dad just got done restoring



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hey Milt that 15 foot Trumbly is that a design from the former bates prof?
i did a little work for him
interesting man

Milt Roe

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Could very well be - My Dad got the hull probably 30 years ago somewhere in Tacoma and we rigged her up when I was a kid. Great little sail boat, needs some cosmetic work, another project.
No pics, but I'll play along.

12' Sea Nymph w/9.5 outboard
16' Wenonah Prism kevlar solo canoe
16' Old Town Penobscot canoe
3-14' Perception Carolina kayaks(wife's, sons and mine)
12' Old Town Pack solo canoe
8 Classic Accessories Pontoon
Will have a Watermaster as soon as I sell a couple of those canoes. I have owned several Ocean Kayaks as well as a Wilderness Systems Tarpon. My wife says I change boats like other people change their underwear.

Ed Call

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14' Livingston w/35hp Evinrude
9' FishCat Panther pontoon
FishCat4 float tube

Wife says I get another boat and I'll need someplace to live. I guess I better buy one with a nice cabin!

If Maine was closer to Washington I might lighten kayakangler's canoe load...tough to live in though.

Kent Lufkin

Remember when you could remember everything?
No pics but my current fleet includes:

Curtis raft (ultralight 22oz backpackable floatation, no longer made)
TU Gunnison float tube (heavier, but still backpackable)
Outcast Trinity (even heavier yet, for bike 'n hike trips)
Outcast Super Fat Cat
Watermaster Kodiak
Skookum Osprey frame w/10' Maxxon tubes, cargo deck, Cataract mini-mags, etc.

Beautiful boats Milt. The third one is so classic I think I'd have to find one of my 50s boating jackets to feel right about riding in it... gorgeous.

I'll play too.

1976 16' Don Hill Classic - pic 1
16' Old Town Appalachian (red - no pic necessary)
1967 12' Hewescraft Fisher (aka the speyspazcraft) - pic 2
8' Bucks Southfork (no pic necessary)
does the TU Colorado v-float tube count as a boat? naw

Edit: hey Milt, did you have boat #2 on a trailer going thru inspection station? I think I may have figured out who the inspector was talkin' about when they said mine was the 2nd prettiest they'd seen. :D



Not to be confused with freestoneangler
All I can say is it's a good thing that I don't have a vehicle capable of towing 'cause then I'd really be in trouble!

13’ Outcast PAC1200 w/ Cataract Composite oars
11’ Scadden Cardiac Canyon w/ Cataract Mini-Magnums
8’ Outcast FishCat (with set of extra tubes)

Kayak/Float Tube Hybrids:
11’ Scadden Deschutes retrofitted w/oars
9’ Scadden Escalade
9’ Outcast Y2K

Float Tubes:
Outcast FatCat
? U-boat
Caddis doughnut

17’ ABS Old Town Tripper
16’ ABS Mad River Explorer

17’ Wilderness Systems Tempest
15’ Ocean Kayak Scupper Pro SOT
14’ Wilderness Systems Tarpon SOT
13.5’ Epic Carbon/Kevlar
11’ Walden Experience

Inflatable Kayaks:
Innova Safari
Innova Helios

And not really mine, but my fiancee’s so they live at my house:

16’ Clackacraft
15’ Scadden 3-person Cat
16’ Wilderness Systems Tarpon
I feel outgunned with some of you.

1. 13 1/2 ft Momentum self bailing raft
2. 9 ft Scadden toon
3. 8 ft Walker Bay
4. A couple of float tubes including an old full tire intertube job....


Jerry Daschofsky

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Ugh, seeing this thread really makes me see I need to rebuild my fleet again. I feel so inadequate. LOL.

16' Eastside driftboat
10' Skookum tubes (ODFW green) w/my whitewater frame
9' fishcat

Man, hard to see how many boats I sold off while I was injured. My sled, my aluminum DB, my two whitewater cats, my 9' Skookum, and misc float tubes. Mannnnnnnnn. Think I need to rebuy more. LOL