License confusion...

Its still cheaper than playing golf or most other hobbies... I will say that I fucking hate the fact I have to buy a Discover Pass though.. at the very least we should get discounted ones since we buy fishing / hunting licenses!

I'm going to look through the reg's, but I believe you were given the right info on sea run's, you can fish for them in the salt with just your freshwater license... I don't think the same applies to pinks, coho's, etc.. time to call the flipping lawyers!

What's the difference between a dead lawyer and a dead snake on the highway?

There are skid marks in front of the dead snake! :cool:
Haha man, not sure the difference with the whole lawyer thing! I do know one thing, it is a hit in the wallet here for fishing - especially for a non-resident. I like that is AK you buy one fishing license for everything, except for a nominal price for a king stamp. Crazy here that you need to buy a salt, fresh, and additional stamps - ect ect. Although my Comlumbia River Trib stamp was worth in in the fact that I got my first WA steelie! Anyway, I guess rules are rules and I would rather pay the upfront cost than get caught without the proper license for the fish I was chasing...

Jim B

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The Columbia and it's tributaries adder pertains to salmon and steelhead fishing only on the east side. I wont be doing that so......

Not totally true! Many of the Columbia River tributaries that require a salmon/steelhead endorsement are in western WA:


Steve Call

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Buy a saltwater license if you're fishing the salt. Buy a columbia endorsement if you're fishing a river connected to the columbia. You can use your finger to trace it on a map. Go really slow, it's wildly confusing and actually very scary to have to look at a map. So big.... so many folds. HARD 2 REED!!!1

Anyone having serious trouble with figuring out what license to get... please PM me your social security number, bank account #, routing number, and mother's maiden name. I will be happy to straighten it all out for you.
Are you being sarcastic again? I'm never sure.