Light biters

Damn you! haha Did you get that right before you left? Man guys were dragging them in to my left and right but no love for me or the other fly guys I saw. Well until I saw you walking off with that!


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What color is hot right now? I've been fishing a lot of different colors but struggling to find the one.
Bright shades of green with a fair amount of flash. I hooked up on all chartreuse and all lime. Those colors of Fish Scale from Just Add Water tied as Shock & Awes has been working this week. Not exactly "matching the hatch" ;) but it is getting the job done.

I ended up 2 for 4 today. Landed the one in the picture and another 2 pounder that I released. I got a few head shakes from 2 others, one of which was a solid 9-10 lb fish based on the size of the tail (which was all I saw of it before it spit my hook).
Man I got what I thought were a couple bumps but nothing solid and a few shakers. I was using a chartreuse over shrimp fish scale clouser tied on a tube.


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1 for 1 today.
Charteuse over pale pink clouser.
Met fellow board member Jeff Dodd on the beach to day. Nice to meet you Jeff.

Richard E

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The coho this morning were just bumping and mouthing my fly. After losing a few after a couple of head shakes, I tied up a tube fly with the stinger extended just beyond the fly. That seemed to be the ticket and I bonked a nice ocean fish. All said, I ended up one for four.

Small cooler? I kid, I kid! Great fish! And, 4 days in a row . . . wow. Good for you!