Line for Redington CT 8' 3wt

Well, I tried the TT5 and it does overload the rod - probably especially since I customized it for my Streamdance HLS by shortening the tip.
Yet, it feels like a TT4 could do the trick (same thing, the tip would have to be customized, I believe).
The prob with this rod is that it doesnt seem (as far as I can tell) to be really progressive.
If i use a short length of DT3 line, so that it will cast with the tip, I get fairly nice loops and good accuracy with good line speed. When I get more line, up to 25-29 feet, it falls apart; it almost feels overloaded, yet the blank doesnt seem to bend further down as it should, and take the load.
It doesnt seem to be an easy rod anyway. I dont think it s worth all the efforts either.
For those who have managed to balance it, is it worth the investment of a new line (4wt) or should I get "rid" of it and go for a 4wt, like the 8'6 St Croix Imperial which got good reviews in a shootout last year?
It would be more suited yo mu fishing conditions too (slight wind)...

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Onthedryonly, FWIW, I like the CT 8' 6-piece 3wt. Not as much as a friend's Sage 379LL (which I covet!), not as much as my own Sage 489-5SP, and certainly not as much as many of my bamboo rods. But for about $110 including shipping, it delivers solidly on the convenience of being able to easily fit into a backpack, light weight, moderate responsive action, good build quality and a reasonable caster. In other words: a good value. In fairness, pairing it with a line that makes it feel good in hand seems to have been a lot less effort for me than it is for you.

I spent several hours on a lowlands lake with it again just last Friday with a WF4 SA floater. It took me a while to get dialed in so I pitched everything from smallish nymphs to big streamers to big bushy dries before finding what the fish would hit. I used a 9' tapered leader with about a foot and a half of 4X tippet and had no problem generating enough line speed to turn over even a big size 8 Doc Spratley or a honkin' adult damsel dry. Sitting in a float tube, the relatively short 8' length meant I'd slap the water periodically if I let my loops sag. But otherwise, the rod felt like a direct extension of my arm.

Before abandoning the CT, I suggest you spend a bit more time trying other lines with the rod, especially 4wts. I wouldn't rule out a non-TT WF5 or a 4-1/2wt GPX. Obviously you don't want to be buying a bunch of lines only to conclude that no line will make the rod feel good in your hands. If you belong to a fishing club, perhaps you could connect with a couple members who'd 'contribute' their 4wt lines in exchange for their feedback about the rod in combination with various lines.

All right :)) I ll give it some more tries.
Thanks for the encouragements and advice, they were badly needed.
I don't belong to any club and it s not really dry fly fishing (or just fly fishing!) country here, but I am sure I ll manage to lay my hands on a wf4. And I won't rule out a 5 either.
It might have something to do with the DT profile too...
and, obviously, my lack of practice with this type of action and such a light rod.
Back to work ;)
Thanks again for your posts, all of you :)
Ah, one more thing, I have an Okuma 2/3 on this rod (I find it a bit tip heavy, so I didnt go for the lightest reels, plus I wanted sthg affordable).
If I settle for a WF4 and still want a little 12lb backing -not that much- I might need another reel.
Would you have suggestions for a very affordable reel that would suit my needs?
Thanks again in advance
You can get a Cabela's Wind River (die cast, disc drag) reel online for $20 plus shipping. They are better than anything else at that price. Next one I'd consider is the Okuma Sierra 4/5, can be had on Amazon for $36.
I just tried a wf4 on mine a really liked it. It's a toss up between the wf3 and the wf4. Changed the rod completely for me. With the 3 I felt like it has a ton of finesse and I could throw dries that fall like feathers out to 35-40 feet. With the 4 I felt like it lost some finesse but added punch needed to throw a light double nymph rig or weighted streamer that I would have difficulty throwing on a 3 weight line.

Definitely give it a try, the rod may just come to life for you.

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WF3 Rio Grande is the BUSINESS for this rod. I can precisely launch big hoppers or small caddis with it, water anchor casts are a breeze, and it's extremely light in the hands. It has easily become my favorite rod.

Kent Lufkin

Remember when you could remember everything?
WF3 Rio Grande is the BUSINESS for this rod. I can precisely launch big hoppers or small caddis with it, water anchor casts are a breeze, and it's extremely light in the hands. It has easily become my favorite rod.
Just to make sure everybody reading this understands, a WF3 Rio Grand marked for 3wt is actually a FULL weight heavier, making it the equivalent of a non-Grand WF4.

Rio's site states that the Grand is designed "to easily load faster action fly rods." To be clear, the CT is NOT a fast action rod, but rather a moderate or medium action.

Nonetheless, my CT definitely casts better with any 4wt line or even a 4-1/2wt when I use a SA GPX DT4.

I should be able to try a few lines by the end of the week.
Amongst which a Rio Grand #3. It s a two hour trip, but it ll be a nice outing too. Hopefully the weather will stay nice ;)
Thanks again for your help +++


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If you all are ever in the area where I am, I can always have a reel and line to test.

WF3F Gold head length 46', 154 Grains, 30' 106 Grains
WF3F Rio Grand head length 38', 140 Grains, 30' 114 Grains
WF4F Gold head length 46', 189 Grains, 30', 126 Grains
Right from the Rio line profile on the Rio site.

So while I agree that the grand is a bit heavier in the first 30' it is not really a full line heavier, and I would argue that the full head on the WF3F Gold is heavier. What Luke and I like about the Grand is the way we spey cast with the 8' CT with our back to the brush where a non spey caster will not fish, and the speed to change direction with the spey cast to go into one back and forward overhead cast when room. The grand does, with the shorter heavier head, not land the small dries as light as the gold will but holy smokes 8 grains in 30 feet and I am not sure it really makes a difference.

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Craig, thanks for the info.
I will try the lines at a club I contacted. It s a bit of a drive but it s closer than your shop - would be a 4 hour trip ;) Nevertheless, since u were kind enough to post, I ll definitely contact you to order once I ve made up my mind.
These new lines are not cheap (whatever the brand) but I guess quality has a price and they certainly last longer than they used to (and probably float better)