Lines For T&T 1409-3

I have just aquired an older T&T 14 ft 3 piece rod which I like very much but have no experience with.I would like to get some ideas from users of this rod which lines they like best for floating lines and also possibly Scandi lines-I am getting tired of throwing Skagit Bombs although they are very effective--what wpuld you recommend?


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I used to have one, it was a telephone pole to me. Caught fish on it but it's not a 9 wt. More like 10 or 12 weight. A 9wt speyline will make you work hard to cast long. It's a strange rod from my perspective. I'll bet it'll throw a 12wt DT as far as you want to cast it.


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The rod taper is very different from most, it can be one person's 12 and another's 9. I found any good 8/9 spey line to be so sweet a almost isn't fair. Favorite is the GPS 8/9. Scandi compact 540. 510 isn't too bad either.


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ahhh of the best rods of its time. this stick will always have a place in my arsenal when distance, a can of whoopass and winning are on the docket ;-)

with that said, when pairing this stick for floating lines, my favorite do-all line for scandi/short/mid belly work (depending on how much head you want out the guides), is the 60' Guideline MMD 9/10.;pagesize=12

with a tie for second in the 60' Snake River Outfitters Vector 9/10....

...and the 55' Scientific Anglers Evolution 9/10

to me, all these lines sit nicely within the sweet spot of the 1409's grain window, and have tapers that are very friendly and forgiving, setting up with nice sexy wedges when hit right, but still packing a good turnover on those....not so perfect casts.
Thanx to everyone that has replied-I was close with the Scandi 540 and i think fairly close with the Carron 65 ft.Thanx to all.


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My friend Inland has it nailed about this rod. Some folks don't like stifer, faster rods like the T&T 1409, which means they will never feel comfortable casting it because they can't feel it load all the way down into the butt on every cast. But if you like a faster, stiffer rod, it is a great tool.

Any Scandi, short-belly, or mid-belly 8/9 practically casts itself on it. And if you want to use a long-belly on it, any long-belly weighing around 600 grains (give or take 20 grs) is terrific on it as well.
What a great site.Thanx to all for your help and suggestions.sure saved me a lot of guessing and now off to aquires some more lines-as usual with me it is not the gear it is my inconsistency of stroke.