Lines that aren't skagits...what do you use?

For Scandi heads (I really don't like the short Skagits, just isn't my 'style') the ACE visions or the RIO AFS heads for Scandi's. For a full on dry line ... NOTHING is as sweet as a Carron dry lines out of the UK. 99% of you folk have never seen one, let alone cast one. But this is a just take my word for it, there is nothing that compares that I've ever used. Poppy/Mike at RedShed carries them as of the end of this month.

They don't just 'cast,' the line floats in the air. Think about that, not a zing, zowwie, woozer, Lordie look at that go, etc., the line just floats out as far as you can cast. An amazing line to cast. As several of the top long line competition casters, out of the UK, use these as 'their line of choice' I can understand why.



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I have allways liked a 31-32 ft belly for my spey rods and can't seem to make myself like the skagit shorts for anything other than blasting out uncontrolable casts. Recently I have been using more switch rods and have found that the 425 outbound will cast on most 7 wt switch rods and will do fine with small wt tips. Another line that is making headway in my arsonal is the switch line by rio, it actaully floats for a while and will throw a great dry line swing right out of the box, has NO loops to mess with the close in stuff and even nymphs ok if your into that kind of thing.
But for the bread and butter sink tipping I have yet to find anything that actually out FISHES the standard Skagit style by any manufacture as long as it has no back loops, maybe out throws but not out fishes!
Golfy, I keep seeing the claim made "Deltas don't form tight loops etc, or as tight as others..." Not sure where that comes from, but it's just not true. Makes no sense. Casting mechanics dictate loop formation.

You can form nice tight loops with Deltas (if that's important to you) and turn over big bugs too. They do it all well.

stewart dee

Just picked up a Beulah switch line and that line is really nice. I can cast the line 20 ft. or better!


Dave I think by tight it could have more to do with the running line..I took mine out this sat. and it threw decent loops no problem, that running line was another thing though..I didn't like how I couldn't mend it like a lighter running line or without pulling the fly out of the water you can do some manipulating but have to accept what it is with that on there...

I am talking to Steve about a vector that will take that line is amazing..and I've ordered up before talking to him a fall favorite that takes tips as well...think that should cover my needs for now...

Two things happened this weekend that pretty much bummed me out briefly...the delta on my burkie wasn't bad but wasn't as good as other heads i've tried..(again I think the running line had a lot to do with it) don't get me wrong..out to 80' is was a hundred it was Ok but that's where the running line really played a down grading that and the burkie broke at the tip when I put it away...did nothing to it...fished it with both the delta and a skagit...bumped nothing...had it apart to put it away..tapped the tip and it fell off in hand....very unhappy about that...

That aside...I've been looking for an excuse to bust out my 14' 6/7 MKS as it's a monster and I got said vector in the works and a couple heads...i.e. tactical steelhead, an old 30' SA skagit and a fall favorite that I can chop if I have too...and know that rod will just light up whatever line I put on it....
Goddang it was nice to swing some small classic patterns and bugs again....beautiful day up on a couple rivers..doing some big hikes and being rewarded with some fine water...sun beating down probably didn't help in the catching department..but shirt sleeves and sunburn is a welcomed blessing all the same... topic a bit but I am sure curious in what flies you found succesful this winter out there? pm me if you want..but I have a couple questions if you don't mind..


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I have read thru this thread and find it rather amazing that there is only one reference to a nextcast line.:ray1:

If I myself was limited to only one line per rod it would probably be a nextcast winter authority in the 40 or 55ft versions.

Power- grace- and lazer loops. With the right WA on the right rod you can throw dead critters across da river with a headwind.:thumb:
Really starting to enjoy the Delta, but also really like the Guideline DDC and Powertapers not only for winter but summer too. For this comming summer I'm curious to try the 60' version of the Guideline MMD...anyone have any feed back about this line?
Really like the old Rio AFS for my smaller switch rods for smaller waters.

95% of the time no matter what time of the year it is, I'm fishing either the CND GPS or the SA XLT on a 15' or 16' rod. I love those long bellies and long rods...who wants to manage all of the shooting line??? And I feel like I can control the swing of my fly a lot better because its easier to mend that long belly right where you want to in order to slow it way down or speed it up with out pulling your fly back to the surface.

Golfy, first thing to do is chop off that stock running line and rig one on you like or have tried on the other heads to make a better comparison. Remember when comparing lines it's important to try and keep it apples to apples as much as possible. If the heads are similar length, are the grain weights similar? running lines, leader length... how do the tapers with floating tips compare turning over bugs both small and big. How do they handle sink tips of equal length and grain wt... Even beer-can tapers can fly plenty tight. Thin running lines will shoot further, but give something up in control and handling (fishability), IMO

Bummer about the Burkie. Great rods but a bit on the sensitive side....that said, I still want one of them "boutique" sticks. :)