Ling Bling

New tie style for me, looking for some tips and such on this curiously massive style of fly.
I have read alot of the Ling fly posts but until I sat down to crank one out, I really had no clue of the overall dynamic of so much material.

I just want to preface by saying I have never tied anything bigger than a 4 in clouser.
After all the talk of LingCod, I jumped on the bandwagon, got a 10 wt setup coming down the pike and invested in some materials.
I sat down at the vice and after longer than normal, I ended up with this..err monstrosity.

SL12 S #4/0
Yak in Olive and White
Flash in silver and red
Copious amounts of CCG
Danville Fine Mono

This measures about 10 inches and I just wanted some feedback if you all would please critique.

- I wonder if its too big?
- Is the hook too small for the proportions, perhaps a trim down to 7 or 5 inches?
- Full enough?

I don't usually pester folks for thoughts...but these big flies are tough :)
Thanks in advance :)

I don't think you need to trim it, it looks awesome, maybe a bit full in the middle, but as long as it sheds water quickly during the cast you'll be fine. Great looking fly, most of mine are 10"

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Thanks Steve!
I will be getting some 6/0 's and resume tying them in the 10 inch range. I was just concerned the hook gap was compromised with all the material and CCG on the 4/0.
Playing around with some Fish Skull helmets and big dumbbell eyes as well, pretty fun, I just can't wait to try them out!


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Dave, I don't think you can go too big for lings.

As a young man back in the '60s, my buddies and I fished them a lot in the Narrows with live bait. We'd spend one day catching what we called "slim-jims" which were smooth-scaled sole and we'd store them in a wire-mesh cage hung off a dock or float. The next day we'd retrieve our slim-jims and place them in a saltwater filled garbage can in the boat in order to keep them alive. IIRC, the best sized sole were maybe 10 to 15 inches. We'd fish 'em on a 40 to 50 lb. mono leader with a 4/0 to 6/0 single hook up front to thread through the lips and the same-sized treble hook in order to impale one barb near the tail. Back then it was a year-round season and I can remember fishing under the bridge in blinding snowstorms but still catching lots of lings! As I recall, my biggest was 54 lbs. but I remember seeing a 67 lb. fish caught!

We had a lot of good spots all around the Pt. Defiance area.

I'm gonna speak a bit in "code" here but other area/era anglers will know whereof I speak.

We found nice lings at the bridge (that's self-explanatory); the "poggie shack"; the "wires"; the "cliff" and the "ore dock".

Lings are so voracious I think they'll eat anything that won't eat them! We'd sometimes get a rockfish on the line and then a ling who'd grabbed the rockfish!

Dang, those were good times and I miss 'em!!!
Awesome dipnet! Good info indeed. I am going to get some bigger hooks and see what I can create. Again, it's a whole new fishery for me so I want to glean as much as I can. I think the overall size weirds me out, almost seems with so much hair I feel like a stylist. So many awesome options in this activity, I am really like a kid in a candy store :)

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Lings have a huge mouth, no doubt this would fit. For ideal, and this is just me going off no experience actually fishing for them (although I am going this year to NB), I would think that 7" would be the right length and that you would want perhaps a stinger hook and a larger front hook.

Just made some pipe jigs for them and it is 6" 1/2 copper pipe with 7/0 trebles
Got some materials today and I will be adding a stinger to the above pattern (Thanks James! ) Big fun with these, just getting the proportions and materials dialed in. Thanks for the tips, i will post additional projects here if they turn out legit :)

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i don't believe you need a stinger for lings. i also don't think you really need to get much bigger than 6-7" to be effective. on the coast the biggest concern is not being able to get through the rockfish and it seems that sized fly greatly reduces the amount of rockfish you will hook.
Messing around still trying to get the perfect fly, this ended up being hella large but I kind of like it, could cut it down but mebbe it will thin itself out naturally. Hopefully heading out this week to chuck from the Kayak :), lets hope the winds abate!