Lk Lenore accessability


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Thinkin' about heading over to Lk Lenore on Tuesday for the first time. I was wondering how the shore access is from mid lake up to the North end? I've got the option of an aluminum lake boat or a drift boat, electric motor on either. Of course if the infamous eastside winds don't take a break, might not be lake fishing. Any advice appreciated!
There is a boat launch close to the North end. It has a paved ramp if my memory serves me right. It takes about 20 min to run to the extreme north end from there. At the very end there is only packable boat access. Most of us just carry our float tubes or pontoons down the bank by the road. There is bank fishing all along the north end. The wind can be bad. North end is more protected than the south. Be prepared for a crowd if the weather is nice. Almost resembles the combat fishing found on the west side but with a better attitude. Water is fairly shallow and down this year as well.