Lk Sammamish - 08/17/06

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    Decided to fish Lk. Sammamish Wednesday night using a float tube. I put in on the south end of the lake around 6:30 at the park. I kicked over to the Issaquah creek area and was surprised to see 15+ people fishing by the mouth. (The creek is closed and the lake is closed within 100 yards of the creek mouth).

    There were a few larger fish surfacing occassionally around 300 yards out from the creek mouth in 40' of water. I tried everything I could think of and at every depth to trigger a strike, nothing. The fish finder was showing a lot of fish holding 30' deep or more. Of the ones that surfaced, I couldn't see what they were hitting (they didn't appear to be rolling like salmon do). After an hour and a half of futility, I moved on.

    I then fished the south part of the lake on the west side of the swimming area. As usual, it produced a lot of crappie (14), bass (12), and others (5). No trout though.

    With all the boat traffice, water skiers, and jet skiers, I can't say it was a smooth quiet night but it was fun.