Local lake report

I haven't been around the forum much the past month or so due to various reasons, so I thought I'd share a report from Sunday 4/13.

For a chance of pace to our usual routine, Ira came over to my neck of the woods and we eneded up hitting a couple nearby lakes. After a night of sipping a bit too much whiskey, we were up and out the door at a decent hour Sunday morning. We started the day by muscling my pram into my favorite local lake. We were the second boat on the water, and fished for a few hours with very little action. We worked the whole lake, since it's not very big. We trolled, we cast and retrieved various stuff, we anchored up in all kinds of different areas and fished vertically.... all with little to show for our efforts. Ira caught one small bass early on, and missed one take down I believe and I finally managed to land 2 fish on a white micro leech under an indicator out in the deepest part of the lake, but that was it for the morning. Around 10:30 we made the decision to pack up and try a lake a little ways down the road.

In all my time living in this area I've never fished this lake. I'd heard about it, but the general opinion seemed to be that there are better places in the area to fish, so I never really focused on it. Well after the slow start to our morning it didn't take much to talk me into trying something new, so we packed up and in very little time were launching at the new lake.

It's always fun fishing a lake for the first time, not knowing what to expect. All I knew of this lake was that it was quite a bit deeper than the lake we started on. Both Ira and myself left our deeper water gear back at my house as we weren't expecting to have to fish much deeper than 10' or so, but we made due. We started out trolling down to the far end of the lake to the left as we launched, with each of us missing a fish on the way down. At the far end of the lake we anchored up in about 12' of water, and focused on fishing vertically. We stayed there for maybe an hour, and landed a small handful of fish a missed a few others. Nothing too consistent, but much better action than we had all morning. We each caught a few fish at this location, but they were certainly worlds apart as far as fish go.... My first fish fought like a real champ. He made several high jumps, made circles around the boat, went deep and refused to come back up, and just generally behaved like a very strong 14" rainbow. Ira's first fish, on the other hand, took the fly then more or less went belly up. It was strange. Ira actually just gave it slack and we watched it float on the surface... I swear, it was like it was playing dead. After a few seconds it finally woke up and started fighting again. After a quick release it still just laid their floating, acting as if it was dead... But when Ira went to nudge it with the net it blew up and took off. Very strange fish, that one.

Anyhow, after a spell we picked up and went in search of a more consistent bite... and we found one, unfortunately it was trolling. We spent the next hour or two trolling one particular part of the lake, going from one side of the lake to the other in front of the only house on the lake. With each pass we were getting at least 1 or 2 hits/hookups. We kept saying we'd stop our routine and look for a place to anchor up as soon as we made a pass without a hit, but it was quite a while before that happened. It wasn't hot fishing, but it was decent. White was certainly the key here. I was trolling a white bugger, and Ira trolling some sort of pattern that also had white. All of my fish under the indicator came on a white micro leech as well.

We finally got tired of trolling and proceeded to move around the lake anchoring up in various spots. We picked up fish in just about all of the spots, but never got too hot and heavy. In the afternoon the wind picked up, and we finished the day more or less just wind drifing, where Ira definitely out fished me. He managed to get into a decent chironomid bite for a while, while I was never able to get that one dialed in. There were chironomids, some rather big ones, coming off all day... And the throat samples that Ira took all showed they were eating SOME mids, but not gorging on them.

In the end we had a pretty decent day. For never having fished this lake we managed to land quite a few fish, some of which were very hard fighters. (The ones I caught anyway... Ira seemed to prefer the dogs!) These were colorful fish with big, heavy spots. Fat, with plenty of life in them.... It's clear they are surviving well in this deeper water. I will definitely be spending more time on this lake. Next time I'll be bringing my deeper water gear.



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That was a good read, thanks for sharing your day on the water.

Orvis has pretty good customer service. I would give them a call, be honest, and see what they can do for ya???



Indi "Ira" Jones
I really enjoyed that day exploring a new lake. The fish were for the most part nice sized fish but I think the biggest might have pushed 18". It actually gave me a chance to try something I thought to do after my Dry Falls opener no indicator love day and that was wind drifting with the indicator. The fish were spread out and trolling was working well but I really wanted to figure out the indicator game. I shallowed up on the indicator and we pulled anchor. I've done this before, but I forgot how complex it could be. With two people in the boat and a shifting wind at first it was difficult to decide which side of the boat to cast from. You wanted to cast down wind and then mend to let your line stay static as the boat passed the indicator, and then slack line it as the boat went by. Lots more work than trolling but in the end I think it was much more productive. Well for me anyway, Nick would have done as well as me, but he seemed to be having one of those technical difficulty days. After the rod break, and about half the amount of time in the water as me, I was starting to feel bad for him, but then my indicator would slip down again and all that would be forgotten.


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Hi, Nick!

Great report! I only fish that lake in the dead of winter (Jan & Feb), but I've also never found many fish down deep there (and when I have, they have been bass). I've had best success fishing the edges, as there is a lot of downed timber along the edges and I think the insects and fish take cover in that stuff. You'll snag up a hundred times during the day fishing that way (which can be very frustrating), but I seem to find the most fish doing that there.



Forgot to mention the low of the day.... I made a cast then laid my rod across my seat like an idiot and promptly sat down, snapping my beloved Helios 10' 6 wt. I have caught alot of fish on that rod. I almost cried.
If you don't break a rod every now and then, you're doing something wrong :)