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Anyone been up to the forks of the Snoqalamie lately?
Water level down to fishable yet after the hot week and snowmelt?

After work Friday I was thinking of either so. fork up at Twin Falls area or possibly middle at Mt. Si road bridge. Looking for small water to toss dries and soft-hakles..

Also, has anyone been on the Raging River in the section between Preston downriver to Fall City? I fished it few years back for ~10" rbt. Just curious if the flow is down to a wadable level now.


Chris Scoones

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[link:wa.water.usgs.gov/rt-cgi/gen_stn_pg?station=12142000|North Fork]
[link:wa.water.usgs.gov/rt-cgi/gen_stn_pg?station=12143400|South Fork]

On the South Fork your looking for it to drop under 600 cfs.
I was on the south and middle fork yesterday. The MF is still pretty high and cold. I fished the SF in the exit 38 area. The water was low and clear enough to fish but the fish were not too friendly. Granted, this is one of the heaviest fished sections of the SF. I saw no surface action and ended up drifting a pheasant tail and prince nymph. After several hours with only a few bumps and no fish I called it a day. I did encounter a decent hatch of iddy biddy flies at about 2pm. They were hanging on the far side of the river and I couldn't get close enough to ID them, but even watching for a while saw no surface action near them.

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I got info from the horses mouth that the best time to fish that area is in the evening. It seems that when I was fishing in the day time they weren't hitting. So I asked and was told that when I was leaving to go home was the best time. Jim S
Hi, dryfly. The Raging spiked big-time with the rains yesterday. Give it a day or two to drop into shape (it clears quickly) -- but please keep in mind that the rainbows you were catching were almost assuredly steelhead smolt, which need all the help they can get on that little river. If you do decide to fish for them -- I wouldn't, but that's just me, and I can't answer for anyone else -- please handle them with the utmost care. For every 100 smolts that leave the river and head to sea, only a handful will ever survive to return. Anyway, off my soapbox...

Good luck to you. South Fork spiked yesterday too, but it should be fishable soon. Fingers crossed.
fished the south fork from 6:45 to dark on Friday, caught and rteleased 2 8" and 1 10" missed a couple more river really not wade-able with hip boots but i still managed even ih the rain, rain stopped about 8:30.