Lone lake report

I went to Lone today for the first time. Islander was gracious enough to give ne a few tips yesterday and I followed his suggestions to great success.

I hit the water about 9:30 and fished until about 5:00. 10 fish to hand in total, a handful of LDR, and so many missed strikes I lost count. The fish were active in the morning but not a lot of fight to them. Slow fishing from 11:30 to 2:00 but plenty of action after that with the fish fighting much tougher. Smallest fish was 14" and for 3 over 18" including 1 at 21".

That 21" hog was my largest fish on a fly and put me through a long battle including several reel screaming runs. I took just a second to admire him then sent him home quickly due to the long fight I didn't take a picture. I was extra thrilled because I took him on a black bugger with olive hackle that I tied myself.

Leeches and soft hackles were all fished on a fast sink line.

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