Lone Lake Trip on 1-2-2011


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If anyone wants to go, I am considering a trip on Sunday. So far, it might be me, Mary, JC and Pedro.

Not sure on the specifics yet.
Hey Chef,

I missed your last trip to Lone, my wife and I are heading to the coast for razor clams, surf perch and new years! Will be back Saturday and if I have the energy I might join you guys! I've been fishing Lone for about 10 years now and enjoy everytime there.---Steve

Gregg Lundgren

Now fishing on weekdays too!
This will be my first time fishing Lone. With this many WFF members on the lake, the day's intel should spread quickly, and decrease my odds of a skunking. It will be great to meet several of our fishy friends from the forum. This is shaping up to be a modest WFF event that will hopfully kick-off the new year right!

Chef, you started this baby. Then Mr Fenders shook us up a bit. Thanks guys!