Lone Lake

Matt, I was fishing a #12 blood worm 10' under an indicator. Clark&Lewis, did you fish Lone Sunday? I wanted to go but Sat. we got back from Rocky Ford/Lenice so I had to work on our kitchen....wishin' I was fishin'. I'm planning on next Sat. if the weather holds up.
Nope, I went Saturday morning after dropping wife off at Langley to shop. Yup, cost me some to go fishing. I got to the lake around 0900 with slight drizzle, but not bad. Landed 6 very nice 16-17" fish with both black BH WB and white leech patterns on type 3. They straightened out my hook on the white leech after a while and were releasing themselves. Missed about another 4 hits before I had to leave. No wind on the lake. When I got to Langley, it started to rain cats and dogs so I was glad to have a nice lunch in the restaurant. Boy I hope the weather stays nice. Five other guys fishing but since I left early, I didnt hear how they did.
Not a bad day on Lone...my wife likes to shop too. She fishes a bit if it's not too cold, then goes shopping for awhile. Sometimes even brings me some lunch!:thumb: What's happening this Sat? Some of us from the Puget Sound Fly Fishers club might fish Lone if the weather holds up. Maybe see you on the water----Steve


Indi "Ira" Jones
Bummer, this is a -the wife works and I take care of the 22 month old- weekends, otherwise I'd join you Steve. I think I'll make it over the weekend after this one, hope you save a few for me to catch.


Jeff Dodd

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I would love to join in on this Lone lake fishing and try out my new 4wt rod and reel, but I bought tickets to the Huskies v. Cal back when that sounded like a good idea! haha

Good fishing!


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Very slow day on Lone. got to the lake around 730 am with only one other angler getting ready to launch his boat. Water temp was 48 degrees. Started out trolling for a while, no hits. Stopped, anchored up and chironomid fished for a while, nothing. The sunshine came out and there was a tiny midge hatch. size 26 or 28 white/cream and green. Decided to troll using a white bunny leech with a hot head bead and picked up several hits and landed a decent fish. My fishing partner had a black leech and ended up picking up a couple hits but it was alot slower from what he indicated a few weeks before. We did manage to pump one of the fish and found lots of the small midges as well as nice sized blood worms, size 10-12. So, our next thought was to fish bloodworms. For the next couple hours, we had NOTHING on bloodworms and other chironomids colors and patterns. In the corner of our eye, we noticed the fellow who was the first on the lake. He'd been rip roaring for a good 30 minutes under an indicator. We tried to guess what he was using, stripping techniques, depth, location, etc... but we just couldn't match the hatch. Trying to respect his space, we just watched. When he finished up he rowed over to us and said that he had a tough morning throwing everything at them and even going methodically through his bloodworm box and coming up with nothing. He then put on a micro leech, seal bugger size 12 in brown under an indicator and fished near the bottom with an ultra slow retrieve. He showed us his bug and we tied on our version and then proceeded to catch more fish. I'll be tying up some more of these for the still water arsenal. I think the fish are trying to put on weight for the winter, they were colored up in deep spawning colors but generally fat and healthy. They probably avoided the regular stuff and went for the fillet mignon. The water temp warmed up to 50 degrees and we fished between 15-17 feet of water. Nice and sunny day and a total of 4 other anglers who shared the water, but ended after a couple hours of fishing.


Ed Call

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Great report Paul. I've never been to lone, someday! I've me the man behind the camera and the man in the money shot, glad to see you out on the water and having what still must have been a good time, even if a bit slower than you'd like. Ed


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That was Dov Young (Orvis) in the shot. We took my 2 man pram over there from Seattle and I ended up just shooting the pics of him with his fish porn. Even though it was slow, it was a nice sunny day and peaceful to get out and do some still water fishing.

Jeff Dodd

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I was admiring your boat while you were in Mukilteo waiting to board the ferry. I was, of course, on my way to work...:beathead:

Sounded like a great day on the lake and thanks for the report
Hi Paul,

Was the "guy" fishing in a red pontoon boat? If so, this local guy was kickin' butt again on Sat with a maroon micro leech. Great lake!! :thumb:
That was Dov Young (Orvis) in the shot. We took my 2 man pram over there from Seattle and I ended up just shooting the pics of him with his fish porn. Even though it was slow, it was a nice sunny day and peaceful to get out and do some still water fishing.
I thought he looked familiar. Great guy, helped me out with some popper info. Glad you got into some fish.