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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Dave Boyle, May 1, 2013.

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    Sorry Tony,

    No great bits so passing on all the info. Hit Lone today, I had great expectations but faced greater challenges. With my new sooper dooper fish finder, a lot of the lake was 'fishless'. I was at the south end but flinging a raccoon around gave no love, few fish were rising even tho' there were some monster bombers coming off. The 'finder' confirmed this. Moved to the N end and finally got confirmation that the finder worked. Lots of fish at 12 -16 ft. Set up the chronie rig and 2 fish and 5 minutes; finally, it was going to be awesome...but that was it. Both fish were on 14 chromies, I tried several olives 12 -16 with and without retrieve, brown bombers, red, black and grey in 12 -14 at 18 to 12 ft., absolutely f'all. Dragged around a red glass head black simileach leach and got a lot of pecks but no good takes.

    Other folks were catching but seemed to be fairly hard fishing.

    Some highlights included a great day to be out and about. Losing my lighter and meeting a fellow smoker on the water after 5 hrs. (smokers will get this), seeing the eagle doing the rounds, seeing an otter (?) well something brown and submerged as opposed to floating i.e. .ducks, popped up and then languidly rolled.

    The coolest thing I saw was a long frantic wriggling bug about 1 " longon the surface that I picked it up in my hand. I put it on my waders for a second and sorted out a rod, went back to it and it’d stopped...dead. Put it in my hand with some water. It was mad, something so big and ugly changing to something else, pretty big and fugly in literally 10 seconds was cool with water to rejuvenate. I’d looked to the bobber and back to my hand and the big bomber was hatched! I’ve seen loads of flies coming off the water but never seen the nymph/chronie wriggle to the top like this and flip into a fly. Really cool if passé to thers.

    Anyway for this stuff to be way cool the fishing was obviously tough. They’re there, they’re deep and they’re very fussy (to my flies).

    Duff fishing but a great day out,



    PS take/use/wear sunscreen my arms are very red.
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    Hey Dave. Thanks for the detailed report. Fickle fish and the slow fishing. Bummer but a great day nonetheless.

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