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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Dave Boyle, May 31, 2013.

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    Thanks for the pointers jeff,

    I didn't read it of course and fished all the lake except that part. Well 2 is my magic number, caught 2 again....B'stds. I was determined not to troll a bugger around all day and sort of regret it. There was a fairly persistent rise (10.30am -12.30 pm) towards the North/mid West side of the lake as a lot of greenish chiro came off in good numbers. A few big bombers but these fish were keyed on something just subsurface. The fish were head and tailing all over and also those flat rises where the fish are swirling below not on top. I tried Shipmans, various other emergers, dries, soft hackles and no joy, well missed one on the soft hackle. Green, olive, black, tan, pink and brown in 12 -16, spangle, no spangle, nada, f'ing nada. Went to the south end as a few damsel were cruisng and f'ing and fished damsel nymphs all the way west to east just off the tules all the way, nada, f'ing nada. Went north and stared at float for a bit too and missed some take downs. Decided to float around the North end with randomly castinga pink/tan foam emerger for the last hr and had a miss, quick recast and got a fish of ~15", nice and feisy. Just as I was coming off got a really nice fish that was really fiesty and that was it, I'll say 20" as I don't catch any 19"s ;) .

    For the w/end warrriors, if you can figure out the emerger patterns or way to fish them better (I tried static, greased line, figure of 8, slow strip, no strip) then you'll be sorted; it was a really good, persistent rise. Maybe some chromies 1-4 ft down would do it or just drag black/olive buggers.

    Fish on,

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    Hey Dave.
    Glad you got out and thanks for the report. I know the frustrations you described but glad you got some hot fish including that bruiser to end the day!


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