Lone tomorrow

Dave Boyle

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I'm planning on heading out to Lone tomorrow. Anyone got any recent info they're willing to share? PMs are totally fine by me too. I'm particularily interested in any reasonable top water action re brown bombers/emergers. My last report was bleak, a lot of deep lying (14' to 18') fish in some places as 'seen' on the finder but v. hard to catch, a chronie did for a couple and lots of plucks to a deepish olive bugger. Hopefully the last coupla weeks has seen a general imporvement.

Thanks in advance to any respondees(?)


Jeff Dodd

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Good luck Dave
Last Sunday I fished and the weather and catching were both spotty as were the hatches. No one fly was fishing hot for me and my largest fish took a dragon fly nymph.

Be sure to check out the bay on the west side, right side if you are looking out from the boat launch. That is where I found fish, but they were all fairly deep and a blood worm worked fairly well, but some of the takes did not make it in the net.