LONG Yellowstone Report June 23rd- July 1st

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    I have been meaning to post this since I got back, but haven't had the time yet.

    Me and My dad left for the park on the 23rd of June for a week+ loop through trout country. We drove strait though, to park and the weather was great the whole way till we reached the Madison River Valley where some nice thunderstorms had set in over the park and surrounding areas, and dassed any chances of stopping to fish some of the best looking trout water that I have ever seen on the Madison. It looked like we might get lucky when we got to the campground at Norris and have a break in the weather to set up camp, but about 5 minutes in another cloud rolled in and gave us a good soak down, and pelting with hail before we fininsed setting up. We were lucky that we packed an extra large tent (8' x 12') because it rained just about all night every night we stayed in the park.

    June 24th
    We hiked into Grebe lake to do a little fishing for Grayling, although the grayling didn't fight too well, it was some awesome fishing with fish on just about every cast. The ticket in the lake was a #12 - 14 Callibaetis Quill Nymph and a # 16 soft hackled tellico nymph below.

    After we got back from Grebe, I fished Solfatara Creek above Norris, which was LOADED with brookies to about 10", I had one brown on in the creek that had some size to him, but I LDR'd him.

    June 25th
    We fished Firehole in the morning were we managed to catch the end of a hatch and caught a trout or two, before heading to Yellowstone Lake for a cold and windy skunking. On the way back I hit the Gibbon below the falls and got a few small bows on nymphs and attractors.

    June 26th
    We had planned on fishing the Northern part of the park, but between Thunderstorms, hot mid day weather and one of the wettest Junes on record in the area basically everything in the part but the Madison Drainage was roaring, so we decided to hit the firehole and then head south to the Tetons. Before we reached to spot we planned on fish on the firehole, we ran into a good sized back up that was caused be a herd of 150+ bison walking down the middle of the road. When we finally reach the spot, we found no hatch and gave up after about a fishless hour. We than headed out only to run into to the bison backup again about 2-3 miles down the road. While sitting in traffic and and watch the river, I noticed some fish jumping so we pulled of and fished to a few hundred VERY PICKY rising trout that seemed to be taking Caddis, BWO's and PMD's. We both failed to catch any, but we every rose /LDR'd a good share of decent fish. We spent the rest of the day driving to Jackson where we found a lot more blown out rivers.

    June 27th
    We first went to some flyshops around town in Jackson to get advise on where to go, and got a suggestion to fish a stream flowing between a couple of lakes in the Tetons. We first set up camp, than hiked in to the stream, which proved to be one of the better spots we hit on the trip. I fished to first stretch that I came to and rose a fish on the fish cast, then caught my first fine spotted cutthroat a few casts later, which was followed shortly by a decent brookie. While walking further down the trail, we came across a black bear who luckily minded his own business. The next nice stretch of stream looked like it should have fish everywhere but it seemed to only be inhabitated by one huge cutthroat that my dad hooked into long enough for us to see, (at least a five pound trout), the next pool down was filled with cutts to 15", and we each caught our fair share than called it a day; that hot pattern of the day was #14 and 16 foam flying ants.

    June 28th
    Headed through Idaho, on the way to Eastern Oregon, made a stop at Silver Creek, where I found no hatches (figures :rofl: ), and lots of picky trout that are pretty good at making you feel like you don't know how to fish, however after about a 1/2 -1hr I got ran of by a thunderstorm, and we headed over to Eastern Oregon.

    June 29th
    We fished to Powder River outside of Baker City Oregon, and each caught a couple trout before the ODFW showed up and refilled to river with fish, we decide that raceway fishing was not our thing, so we called it a day.

    June 30th
    Fished the *********** River in the Eastern Oregon, which we heard about by following a lead about good fishing from a local ranger station. This by far the best fishing of the trip, I have never seen a river with quite so many hungery native trout. They were all hard fighting redbands, which rose to the fly on basically every cast. They ranged from 3" to 18" with the average being about 11". The biggest fish landed here was about 15". The fly of the day here was a #14 Royal PMX, but the fish seemed to like anything with red in it.

    July 1st
    Headed on home with fresh memories of excellent fishing.

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    i want to fish montana so.......bad, its one of my favorite places. Great report on yellowstone. :thumb:
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    awesome pictures, i especially liked the 4th one from the left. killer report.

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