Lookin For a Spot....

I haven't been out fishing in a month or so and my x-mas break just started so i am lookin for a place to hit this weekend or maybe friday. I was lookin to see if anyone could suggest someplace nearby. I live in Woodinville. Thanks for your suggestions
:DUNNO Devin

Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
Well, if you want steelies, I would try the Sky, if you want trout, Lake Alice is open.

And since you live in Woodinville, I would go and ask Al at Swede's Fly shop.

It seems to be shaping up for a good Saturday morning on the Sky, as long as it doesn't rain tonight. (Even if the river is still high, it's fishable as long as it's dropping.) If you don't know your way around the river, get to a fly shop and ask for directions to IRS, Buck Island (plan on being there by 5:00 am if you want to be first), Two Bit, Taylor Flat, Hansen's, the Penitentiery. If you can't find those pools, try the small riffles on river-left just downstream from the Lewis St bridge.

Or you could always go to Reiter Ponds for a little combat meat-fishing.

Or try Pass Lake for trout, although much farther.