Looking for a Fillet Knife

Speaking of knives, does anyone know where I could get a fillet knife with wood, bone, antler or similar handle? Seems the only fillet knives I see around come in bubble wrap with a platic moulded handle and sheath, and look like garbage.
Thanks Roper. I think I know of the place if it's the one right on Hwy 2; always thought about stopping in to check the place out, but usually zooming past to make the evening rise.

I so seldom keep fish anymore over the last 20 years that the last few times I kept a salmon or hatchery steelhead I couldn't find a decent knife to do it justice.


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Yup, green house with an attached shop, Elliott makes some nice knives, but he also sells some cheap crap from China. :confused:

There's another maker I knew of, but I lost his information, may be able to find it again...
Sam Henson in Arlington makes some nice knives. I received one of his fillet knives as a gift and I love it. They're not cheap, but custom stuff never is.

Knives by Sam Henson
The old standbye is the Rapala 6", Finland, wood handle, leather sheath. Theres a reason so many are sold, they're good; $10-$15 and worth every penny. Get one for backup at least; Buck & Gerber made some nice stiffer models for Big fish. My 2 cents worth!
Also; Be real careful about using a flexible blade fillet knife in the kitchen for general use, not made for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!