Looking for fishable H2O in SW Washington

New to the expeirence of casting a dry line and was looking for some friendly direction. I have done some fishing on the washougal with "small" luck and found myself up the north fork of the lewis with no luck. Have spent some time on Canyon creek. Other than that, some lake stuff but that doesn't do anything for me. Oh well looking for some direction, anything will help.
Unfortunately Chris the rivers in western washington are primarily a sea-run fishery. So if you are looking for decent dry fly fishing for trout you'll either have to stick to the lakes or go east of the cascades. It appears that you live in southwest WA. What I might suggest is try Merrill Lakeover toward Cougar. It is about the time of year that the March Brown hatch starts. If you want dry fly action this will do it for you. Check with your local fly shop and they'll set you up. There is also a lake that rarely gets much attention, mostly because of access, and that is Castle Lake by Mt St Helens. You'll need a map from the Dept of Wildlife or from Weyerhauser or from any of the sprot shops in the area. If you make it to Castle lake you'll not be sorry. There are some very large native rainbows. you will need a float tube and you should take at least two days to fish it. The water is deep and crystal clear, fish the east shore. mornings and evenings match the hatch and you'll have a ball on dry flies. during the day put on a leech or damsel and go deep. the fish hit like frieght trains, so hold on to your rod. Take a buddy with you and a camera as no one will believe you when you try to explain that there is a lake where you were the only one on it and the fishing is trophy. they'll want proof. Of all the rivers and lakes I'v fished in 40 yrs throughout the west this has to be on the top of my list as one of the absolute best. not to mention the scenery is incredible.
Also, it might be a few hours drive from there, but I'd head over to the Deschutes in eastern Oregon. Go to Maupin and go up river or down river. You'll find some great dry fly fishing as well as nymph fishing and also this should be a pretty good year for steelhead. anywhere down river from Maupin you'll find good access to the river.
hope that helps just a little. good luck and have fun!
Don-on the fly
:THUMBSUP Don , I think that type of information is for "I just saved your life ,what do you got for me." You can bet I'll be heading out soon. Thanks again for your imput Don. :THUMBSUP
Try the Upper Lewis River above Merwin and the other resivor. Also Muddy Creek is suppose to be decent fishing. I agree with the other poster aabout the Deshutes. If you are within two to three hours of the Deshutes, go for it. It is a Blue Riibon Trout, and there is nothing like it in Washington State.