Looking for Oaxaca Mexico info


I am heading with the family to coastal Oaxaca for the Christmas break and am trying to find info on fishing. I have fly fished many places in Mexico but this is my 1st trip to Oaxaca. My internet search has not yielded much useful info on fishing Oaxaca. Anyone fished down there? Any info on guides/Pangueros fly fishing or not? Looks like winter is good for tuna, dorado and roosters but thats about all I could find.

I used to spend time in Oaxaca, but that was a good 40 years ago. The diving was good, but as I remember the coast was steep and rocky for the most part. You'd have your best luck searching Pto Escondido, then Pto Angel. I'm told these towns have grown enormously for tourist trade, but weren't even paved when I was there.

guess that wasn't really much help, but fish isn't what we were looking for in the 70's.

Do visit the ruins at Mitla and the Museo de Monte Alban when in the capital.