Looking for some ling cod flies

I'm hoping to find someone who would be willing to tie me up some ling cod flies. Among other big plans over this winter I wanted to get set up to try lings on the fly this spring. Well between work, family commitments, and fishing as much as I possibly can, its looking less and less likely that I'll be able to acquire the needed material, and have the time to start learning to tie these monsterous flies. I'm in the process of trading for a rod/reel that I will use for the lings, and will be getting my line setup at my local shop soon. I have the boat, and a few spots to check out... The last thing needed is some flies.

So, that said, is there anyone out there who'd be willing to tie me up a basic starter kit of ling flies? A dozen? Maybe 2 dozen? Mainly I just want some giant clouser type stuff, but would be open to suggestions if someone willing to tie had better ideas. I'm willing to pay a fair price, understanding of course that a fly of that size is just flat out going to cost more to tie than smaller flies. I'd also be willing to work out some sort of swap.... I tie mean stinger clousers, I have tons of stuff to trade, or if someone out there is wanting to do some ling fishing but is without boat well maybe we could work something out.

Anyway, not sure if it was best to try here or the classifieds, but I figured more tiers will see this thread here. If someone is willing to take this on, shoot me a message and we can work out price and other details. Eventually I will start tying my own, I just don't think I'll be able to make it happen in time for this spring this time around.

I've just begun goofing around with ling flies. I don't have any proven ones that I would sell you and still be able to sleep at night. If you find someone to sell you good ones, ease post them so I can shamelessly copy them
6"- 8" of barred rabbit strip leech with some flash and BIG YELLOW EYES, some rubber legs and maybe a nice laser dub head will make ling cod your bitch.

Big EP minnow flies tied with or without a stinger work well too, as will all the mega streamer patterns that people tie for huge trout

Saltwater intruders are what I really like to tie. Kind of a pain, because I use a big saltwater hook in lieu of a shank, and 30lb gel spun backing to affix a 2/0 or 3/0 stinger CIRCLE hook. Heavy eyes, lots of flash, long thin grizzly hackles and rubber legs with a laser dub or angel hair head. Black is a killer color with accent colors of your choice. I use a 10 wt for this....heavy shooting heads and BIG flies make the 10wt necessary. I hope to someday get a big halibut or White Sea bass or yellowtail while chucking these monstrosities. Here in Cali- people use these same set ups to pull big calico bass etc out of the kelp forests.
If there's squid around.... Big squiddy lookin intruders in pink/white are killer.
I wish I could help you out Nick, but I'm in the same boat tying wise this season. Busy as Hell, already stressed out that my searun and coho boxes are so depleted! No idea when I'm going to find the time to fill them.

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I'd tie up some proven patterns for a trip out for lings. Check out my gallery, I have some pics of how much lings like these flies:) . I cast the flies on a fast 8 weight, not the most delicate presentation but it works just fine.