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    Hi all,

    I'm from BC and we have recently acquired a trailer that we will be parking year round near Mount Vernon for weekend getaways. I'd like to try fishing while I'm down here but would like to get some knowledge of some areas before I go ahead and buy permits for our family.

    First off are there any shops for supplies around the Mount Vernon area? I fly fish but my kids use gear so maybe somewhere that could provide both sets of gear that we need.

    I'm open to fishing all types of freshwater. Rivers , lakes , sloughs whatever. I'd like to stay within about an hour drive of Mount Vernon and preferably closer to start. With kids I'd like to be able to fish some lakes and rivers from shore. I know the skagit is right there but from seeing it from the road it looks like a tough river to fish from the banks unless you maybe go higher up river? For myself I have a float tube so if there are any fly fish only lakes around I can try those by myself.

    So if anyone has a few suggestions to start us off in the right direction that would be awesome. I'm not looking for any secret spots , just a few places we can go get started while we are down here.

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    Sedro Woolley, WA, USA.
    Holiday Sports in Burlington, (360) 757-1221 is likely the best sporting goods store close by that will have both gear and fly equipment although they will be somewhat limited on the fly gear.

    You will need to get yourself a copy of the fishing regulations, start here; http://wdfw.wa.gov/fishing/regulations/. Read them carefully and ask questions if you don't understand them.

    Plenty of lakes around including Pass Lake which is fly only and open year round but requires some sort of boat. It could be as simple as a float tube. There are a few like Clear Lake that can be fished from the bank in a limited fashion. Almost all of the lakes around the area you will be better off getting a small boat of some sort. A 12' aluminum car topper with electric motor would be perfect for most of the local lakes.

    Humpy season in the Skagit starts on odd years late summer. I think I heard there were something like 3 million or more humps returning to the Skagit this year. Plenty of spots to "plunk" for humpies along the river around Mt. Vernon. Ask at Holiday Sports where to go when you buy your gear and sand shrimp.

    There is more than this around. Others will chime in.
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    I'm in Mount Vernon and you can borrow my 14 footer if you'd like to the local lakes around here and take your kids. PM coming your way.
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    Kerry gave a good, brief overview of what you can expect in the Mount Vernon area and the only local shop that will have some fly stuff. There are largemouth bass to be had in Lake Campbell and Big Lake in good numbers, but you need a boat or float tube to fish them. There some lakes around Anacortes, Heart and Erie, that have decent trout fishing, but again, you really need a boat to fish them.

    A little to the north, you have Samish Lake and Lake Padden, again you need to be able to get on the water. East you have Baker Lake and Lake Shannon along with Grandy Lake, and of course the Skagit River. The middle and upper Skagit will have plenty of humpys, but bank access is not the easiest to locate, but there are a few well-marked public access points on South Skagit Hwy, Howard Miller Steelhead Park, Swift Creek, and Hamilton.

    You could join in the Zoo at the mouth of the Samish in Edison for king salmon, but I don't recommend it unless you want to show your kids what it is like to be fishing literally shoulder-to-shoulder with folks casting across your line, trying to move kids out of their way, etc. I like most other locals avoid it like the plague, but there are kings to be caught.

    I'm sure some others will chime in as well on some of the other fishing opportunities in the area.
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    The Vedder, Chehalis, plus Fraser River and slough's are an hour from Mt. Vernon.:D
    Just kidding!