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    Loomis GLX Rod Tip HELP !!!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey all you rod builders!! I am an amateur rod builder. I have a friend who has a custom built rod that was built by Barney Sanders, a custom rod maker for many years at West Yellowstone fly store and Bud Lilly. The rod is an 8 1/2 foot Loomis GLX two piece 5 wt. The upper section has been broken about a foot above the ferrule, it is shattered and irreparable. I sent the rod to Loomis, but it is a discontinued blank model and all they could offer was a 9 foot 4 piece blank. Since Barney was a dear friend and mentor to both of us there is a deep sentimental attachment to this rod. IF ANY OF YOU HAVE OR KNOW SOMEONE WHO MIGHT HAVE A TIP SECTION FOR THIS ROD OR KNOW SOMEWHERE I MIGHT INQUIRE FOR ONE PLEASE CONTACT ME OR SEND AN EMAIL: __________________ \"Tap her light and she\'ll always be fresh\" ~~~~~~~~~~<(*)))>< Paddy 80701