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I was at Cabelas today and they are blowing out their Loomis NRX rods. Anyone using one? How do they stack up to some of the other main stream rods?
I cast a 9' 5wt and to me it felt, and cast like a $89 rod, didn't like anything about it. Much better rods out there, even at discounted prices, imo.


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Without knowing anything about your preferences, abilities or the application for this rod, I can’t see how anyone can tell you whether or not it will be a good rod for you.
Having said that… The entire series of NRX rods are THE MOST popular rods with the 5 of us here at the shop. Before any of you come back by saying that “you guys don’t pay retail for them though!” I would like to point out that we can purchase ANY rod at a discount. I also had to chime in because after testing many others, I just purchased the 9’ 5 weight NRX for myself.

Again, that (or the review above) tells you almost nothing about whether or not it will be a good rod for you though.
If you can, cast one yourself. Buying a rod without casting and comparing would be like buying a car without test-driving.
I ditto Anil on both having an opinion about a product you've never used, and the quality of the NRX's. Light strong, accurate and durable. True high performance.

What I DON'T like is box stores like Cabelas carrying them at all, then blowing pro grade products out at prices a true retailer cannot.

There. somebody was going to bitch about that, and I'm proud to be first.
I totally agree Anil, it's ok to ask for opinions (some people didn't care for mine) but no one should decide on a rod without casting it first and casting others to compare it too. I might have been a little to harsh on the rod, after all I've not fished it, and thats what really matters. I cast it the same time as I cast the One, when they first came out and thought the One was the better of the two, I just prefer slower rods, and the NRX just didn't do it for me, and also thought they were quite ugly.....but thats just my opinion too.
I think his wallet was low on $$$'s................... because the NRX series is pretty incredible! I have a 3W, 7W and 8W and love each and everyone of them equally. Matter of fact....... they sleep in my bed with me.


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I like fast action rods, but I should ave been more clear with my question. I clearly would try a rod before buying one, but it seems Loomis is known more for their spin rods vs fly rods. Cabelas is blowing them out for nearly 50% off, a great deal for anyone. They had one 6 wt and one 4wt left as of Monday. It seemed like a great deal for a rod at $390.
I love my NRX 7wt 9' rod! I can't say enough good things about it. Heaver rods wear on me, my casting arm tires out within 2 hours. For some reason the NRX doesn't hurt my arm. Go figure? and I can cast all day long. The NRX is well balanced and the action is not as electric as my husband's SAGE but who cares. SAGE rods don't work for me, I'm tired within an hour.

I agree with the comments on Cabela's. Local fly shops in New Jersey cursed the existence of Cabela's.
They said they were clearing out all of their Loomis inventory because they really weren't moving as well as the Winston's and Sage's. I'm not sure if all NRX's are the same , but the guides were wrapped in blue.


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Yeah the only rods I have seen discounted have been the initial rods with the baby blue robbin wrap...they have gone to a green wrap with some rods due to some negative feedback on the blue :rolleyes: ....but as far as I know they are still making the rods with both wraps...I don't know if they have totally eliminated the blue wrappped rods or not. ???

Rick Todd

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They made the NRX in a blue blank and a green blank. I have a 4 wt NRX in green. Love the color, components and I really love how the rod casts for me! I broke my old Loomis IMX and was sad they didn't have the blank anymore, but the NRX is just an awesome 4 wt rod! I also have some old Loomis GLX's in 7 and 8 wt which are still great rods after 15 years of ownership. I got a Loomis East Fork as a warrantee replacement for the old IMX and have not yet cast it-but will soon. It will probably be my wife's chironomid rod. Rick