Lost and Found - The system worked

I am posting this here because I am not sure everyone reads Lost and Found. But this is a huge shout out to the forum in general for all the honest folks who when they find stuff, try to get it back to the forgetful or unlucky. In my case it was forgetful....

I left my vest at Rattlesnake while packing up about three weeks ago. My good friend, who I finally told after looking everywhere else ( aka my garage which is stuffed from a recent downsize move) suggested I look on the forum under Lost and Found. Lo and behold , Mark Yoshida had found it and posted it on the forum, and today it was returned to me.

So for all of you out there that believe in the real meaning of our sport and go the extra mile to keep it honest and clean, a thanks from me to you. And thanks to Mark for doing the post.

Mark Buick


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As a forum sponsor, we were happy to be the exchange point. One Mark picked up the vest left by the other Mark along with a very nice thank you gift card.

Nice going guys,
The gift card was unexpected but appreciated. Glad to have gotten it back to you. Hope to see you at RSL. Fishing was tough yesterday with the temp drop, but no wind or rain.