Lost Black Lab Marrowstone Island July 9th

Bob Triggs

Stop Killing Wild Steelhead!
Two men were in a small boat off of Marrowstone Point on the evening of july 9th . They were capsized, along with two dogs. The men were rescued and treated for hypothermia. The dogs swam to shore. One dog was found at Marrowstone Point At Fort Flagler State Park. The other wandered. The dog is a Black Lab mix, mostly Black Lab looking with a white marking on his chest. He is large and strong at 90 pounds. About 9 years old. His name is "Bugsy". Friendly but skittish.

Owners are heartbroken.
Any information please contact :
Andy Smith, Port Townsend, Wa
Home 360-385-3694
Cellular work 360-381-0340