Lost fins at Pass Lake


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In performing the tri-fecta last week (pinks at Ft. Casey - none, 'bows in Pass Lake - a few, fished deep and landed fast, SRC's in the Stilly - two), my buddy left his Force fins at Pass Lake. We launched at the first pullout to the east of the boat launch.

Anybody pick them up?

Thanks . . .
:confused: Sorry about the fins, but why would anyone be fishing at Pass right now with the temps so warm? I dont care how fast you bring them up ,you are still stressing if not killing the fish. You wont see it but they are probably dead on the bottom now. :confused:
the old saying "when the flying ants come out, its time to head to pass lake" is one i've heard many times. i've always ignored it because of the heat but apparently it has a following. there are cool areas in pass around the springs even this time of year. also as the bloom comes on and stratiflies it stops the sunlight and limits the heating of the deeper water. i'm not sure about pass but bc has great fishing under the bloom. you won't find me fishing pass in august though.

Scott Salzer

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I have to agree, leave the quality waters alone until Sept. The water is waaaay to warm and "we" don't need to stress the fish any more than possible.

Leave the lowland lakes alone! Head to the high country or cold, tail waters. Either that, or hit the put and take lakes - and keep what you catch.

There is a time to leave the lakes alone - clean gear, tie some flies and get ready for the fall. Or, hit the salt.

IMO - There is a time to hang the rods up for a while, takes discipline, but do it!