Lost on the sol Duc

I was fishing on the Sol Duc on last Sunday (3/6). We floated from the ramp just above Bear Creek (not sure what it is called) and down to the Hatchery. I stopped to take a leak and took off my fanny pack that had all my fly fishing stuff (flies, leader, shooting heads, etc.) but then forgot it and left it on the bank. It was such a huge bummer to realize I had forgotten it. If by chance someone out there came upon it, please let me know.

If any one has a suggestion as to where else I could try to poost a messageg to get it back, please let me know.


Might help if you could describe the area where you stopped. Also the type of fannypack/color? Maybe you could go to google earth and figure out the area. There will be a bunch of us over there in the next week. If we had a idea were to look it would help.