lost/stolen fishing bag + gear


At sometime during a drive from Seattle to Federal Way 2 weeks ago my green fishpond cloudburst bag was removed from the back of my boat that was being trailered home. We made a couple stops, 1 for pizza in Euphrata, and 1 at a rest area, and once for gas. In the bag were reels, spools, 4 boxes of flies, spare fly lines, a boga grip, my fishing license, a canon sd700 camera, action optics sunglasses, and countless other fishing tools.

My name, email, and phone number was labeled on several items including the bag itself. If anyone finds this or sees it I'd offer a generous reward for it's return or partial return. I'm mostly bummed about the fly boxes, so much time and energy put into filling them.
Wow, sooo sorry to hear that. That sounds like nightmare material, I would be so super bummed if that happened. I wish you the best of luck in getting all your gear back where it belongs, to you. All I have to say is that is some seriously bad karma coming to whoever did that!