lots of stuff for sale- getting ready to move.

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I am cleaning house. Getting ready for our escape to Ecuador.
Here is a list of the things to sell and pictures on the bottom. I hope they come out alright.
A lot of this stuff I cannot ship as it would be too costly but the smaller stuff I can ship for shipping prices plus packing material. If anyone in the Spokane area is interested in the larger items, contact me and we can arrange a meeting. All prices fair and firm.

This is the updated version, thanks to everyone who bought and inquired. I'll have more stuff as soon as the move gets closer.


Buck's Bags Alpine 6' pontoon boat. Red. Local pick up only $350.00

Creek Company U-Boat 2000 with float tube anchor (never used) $35.00 (local pickup only) SOLD!!!

Remington neoprene waders size small. $20.00

The next thing is a holder for a transducer on what I believe was a fishin' buddy depth finder. I remember someone asking about these awhile back. Anyway, I have one for $5.00

Mirror extensions for an older Ford pickup. These make it easier to see your 5th wheel or trailer. I remember buying them for $60 --sell for $10.00

Cross Creek Aurora CC23C reel in a 3 wt with a tan and yellow floating line. $25.00

Women's Hodgeman wading shoe Size 7 - felt sole $5.00

Magellan Meridian Gold GPS with case, book, cd and patch cord $60.00 SOLD!!!

A pair of Browning white fins that we used when we first started before we got our force fins. $5.00

White's women's stocking foot breathable waders. $20.00 SOLD!!!

Cabela's men's breathable waders with built in wading shoe with felt sole in size 11. $50.00 SALE PENDING!!!

Cabelas wading shoe in men's 11 with felt and studs. SOLD!!!

Rod holder (can't remember manufacturer) that sits on the hood and top of your vehicle. One part is magnetic and the other is suction. This was a great invention. $50.00 SOLD!!!

10 1/2' 4piece 5 wt Built by Dan Craft. $80.00 SOLD!!!

2 Cabelas 3Forks 3 piece 7'6" 3wts. One has never been used. $50.00 for the pair. SOLD!!!

9' 2 piece rod built on a Sage blank in a 5 wt. Someone named Joannie owned this at one time as her name is on it. I bought it for Susie on ebay and it has served her well. $50.00 SOLD!!!

4 piece 9' Lefty Kreh Professional TFO in a 5 weight. $80.00 SOLD!!!

2 Cortland Crown 2 reels loaded with full sink type 5 line 20.00 for the pair. SOLD!!!

Cabelas Prestige reel with 3 wt floating line $5.00 SOLD!!

Okuma Sierra 4/5 reel with 5wt floating line. $15.00 SOLD!!!

Cortland LTD graphite 80 reel with Peach/Orange nymphing line $20.00 SOLD!!!

A SA System 2 in a 4/5 with a 15 ft sink tip and one in a 5/6 with a type 6 sinking for $20.00 for the pair. SOLD!!!

Cocoon (over prescription) sunglasses - yellow for early morning/ evening. with case $5.00 SOLD!!!

Force fins Men's Large adjustable w/keepers. $25.00 SOLD!!!!!!

Force fins (smaller) non adjustable w/keepers. $25.00 SOLD!!!

Stearns SOSpenders (never deployed) Large with extra cartridge $10.00 SOLD!!!

Stearns Belt PFD (never deployed) $10.00 SOLD!!!

2 pairs of Neoprene booties. One in size 11 mens and one in size 7 womens $10 for both. SOLD!!!

Minnkota 30lb thrust electric trolling motor with an extension handle and a Kirkland deep cycle battery. This is local pick up only. $80.00 SOLD!!!

Waterskeeter Snohomish 9' pontoon boat. Blue. With anchor system, anchors and bracket for trolling motor. Local pickup only. $250.00 SOLD!!!

If any of the pictures didn't come through good enough or you would like more info. Please pm me.

Thanks for looking
Ill take the following

Cabelas Prestige reel with 3 wt floating line $5.00
2 Cabelas 3Forks 3 piece 7'6" 3wts. One has never been used. $50.00 for the pair.

Ill send a PM to confirm
can you clarify something on the Cortland Crown 2 reels. Is it 5 wt line or type 5 sinking line. I can't find a picture on the net of these reels can you post a detailed one. Are they click drag?

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