Lots of top water love today!

Hit the water with my family just to fool around and teach my kids how to cast. Tomorrow we're hitting the Tahuya river, well, just my son (9), one of my daughters (6) and myself. So I thought I'd get a little practice casting in at the beach. So my son has his Redington Minnow set up and I brought the first rod I built I did, a 7'6" 4wt with floating line for my daughter to cast with. To my surprise, there was a ton of top water action! It was hard to keep focus on teaching the kids! But I managed for a little bit. My daughter tired so I sent her off to my wife and her siblings. I never hit the beach with out a small flybox and rod, so, I tied on a Miyawaki Popper variant and proceeded to have a top water blast with the 7'6" 4wt, hook up after hook up, short strikes, boils, cart wheels, you name it, the fishing was HOT! The 3" chum or pinks were fighting to stay alive, even bumping into my legs. At one point as I was instructing my older daughter who came down we a mass ambush, it's like the water exploded and if there was a "freeze" feature on the remote control of life there could have been at least 10 SRC airborne all at once as they were ambushing bait fish. It was near magical. Then at another point as I was bringing in an SRC a Crane?? Came at me and tried to get in the way and intimidate me as I was releasing the SRC as my kids were yelling, feed it to the bird, feed it to the bird! Lol. My kids crack me up! My wife wanted in on the madness as well and waded out in her jeans as I was standing there in my shorts, no waders needed today. So I set her up, showed her how to strip it back and she caught her first cut in the salt today. Good times!

Good friggin' times today, good times! Long live the SRC. Now hoping to get my kids into some river action tomorrow.
Rocking Alexander! Sounds like a superb day out and some very quality family time! I have got to meet your crew as they all sound pretty darn cool, just like dad :)
Awesome report. Anything that looks like a crane around here would be a great blue heron.
Thanks for the help on that! The kids kept saying it looked like the bird from Kung Fu Panda lol! But I'll let them know that it's a Great Blue Heron. That bird was mad at me, it just ended up sitting there looking at me the entire time. :D. I'm glad it didn't peck me with that big beek!


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Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias). Before the banning of DDT, Great Blue Heron populations were in almost as severe a decline as those of the bald eagle. Thanks to the ban, they have recovered dramatically.

On of my favorite birds to watch. One day paddling a kayak around the Arboretum I was able to slowly glide to withing 25 feet of a heron, which didn't seem to mind and continued to hunt fish. I was able to watch for about half an hour as the stealthy thing picked off fish after fish with his pick axe of a head. It was amazing, I felt like I was in the middle of a BBC wildlife documentary filmed in super HD!

Also, fantastic report Alexander! SRC blowing up like that is the stuff of dreams.
Exactly, it was a nice experience to have with my oldest daughter. Every time I'm out I just stand amazed at how close we are to wild life here and even at times have close interaction with all of it! Beats living in the city. All this 5 minutes from where I reside. We are blessed for sure. People else where just have to make due with a Nat Geo episode.


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Which have long been the hackles of choice for Spey flies. It is, however, illegal to even possess them; hence the wide variety of substitutes that have been used. In fact, the very earliest of Spey flies were dressed with the hackles of the Spey cock, a long-hackled breed of rooster common at that time in the valley of Scotland's River Spey, but now extinct. While long, the fibers of the Spey cock's hackles were nowhere near the length of those of the heron, giving these early patterns an odd appearance (for a Spey fly) to the modern eye.