MA 12


Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater
Fished MA 12 yesterday with my friend John. Cold day to start with the temps in the low 30's.
I hadn't fished for searun cutthroat in probably seven years after chasing them since the 60's with my dad.
We ended up going 5 for 11 over a few hours of fishing. All the fish were in the 14-17" size range. They seemed to be concentrated over heavy oyster beds. The hour before and after the outgoing to incoming exchange yielded the best action. Quite a few fish were showing themselves. Chartreuse colored flies received all the action.
I've caught a number of searuns recently while targeting coho. Coho have really taken over most of my local salt fishing. I had forgotten how much fun searun fishing is and I need to get back into it again.
Thanks for the fun day John. Here are a few pictures from yesterday.

What are some good options for body material on that fly? (Blair's baiter).

One recipe I found says pearl diamond braid--which I don't have any of. Any suggestions for a good alternative to diamond braid? Maybe just wrap a body of flashabou or K flash?

Just curious.



Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater
It won't have quite the body build up of diamond braid, but both materials you mentioned would work.
I'd coat it with Sally Hanson'e or head cement so the fish don't tear it up to much.