Mammoth Lakes, CA report?

Has anyone been down to the Mammoth Lakes area recently? I'm heading down there next week and would appreciate a report from a non-resident's point of view.


I don’t have much to offer…but my fishing partner was down there with his family (gear folk) and had good luck on Crowley and some of the smaller more remote creeks and rivers. Lower Owens was fishing well as was Hot Creek, steer clear of Hot Creek on the weekends. Although I would expect less people as summer is winding down. We have crazed meth-heads in WA but CA has poor-casting rich attorneys and egotistical rich-boys who are just as 'spirited', don't take any crap from those SF or LA fellas. :p There are plenty of productive lakes to choose from, I would definitely hit L. Owens and Hot Creek. Good luck!
Have fun, Rich. I cut my teeth learning to fish the Mammoth area, and it's still one of my favorite places in the world. We try to get down there every other year. I've already penciled in a trip for Sept. 2007. For some amazing scenery and plenty of smallish fish (with a chance to catch one of the big Alpers rainbows), consider fishing Twin Lakes one morning. I like the upper lake, where the waterfall is. And of course you should fish Hot Creek. If you're driving in from Reno, the West Walker River -- right along the highway -- can be a fun place to stop and fish for wild cutthroats. Give me a holler if you have any questions or need any recommendations! Oh, and for a good local guide's report, check out the Sierra Drifters website.



the net guy
:cool: hey Rich,
you should have a good time up in Mammoth.
lived up there for 10 yrs.
they have some good creeks.
the ones you have see here already.
some other ones rush creek (june lake)
rock creek near toms place.
and if open go down to reds medow.
go down past ranbow falls down to the fork
then fish back up.
should be good.
have some friends, fishing Crowly lake right now
for a contast on the 23rd.
here is there web site, they are putting up reports
hope this helps
Thanks for the tips! Another question...Can anyone provide directions to Menache(sp?) Meadows in the Eastern Sierra. I've been there before a few years back but wasn't driving and can't remember how to get there. If I recall, it took some 4x4'ing up a popular jeep trail.

Thanks, again,