Mancation III

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    Got back from Mancation III this past weekend and wanted to share some highlights, and low lights. We headquartered in Missoula and spent most nights at the Oxford Saloon playing poker and getting to know the locals :beer1:

    During our first float we hit the Blackfoot and floated the lower river from Jonsrud to Wishered Bridge. Nice easy float but little action. We landed a few whitefish and some smaller cutts, but all in all it was slow.

    Our next float was on the Bitterroot River above Darby. We put in at Hannon Memorial and floated to Wally Crawford. The water was pretty thin for a hard boat but the scenery and fishing were worth the scratches and dings to the boat:) During this float Purple Haze and hoppers were the go to flies and we landed fish between 6" - 16". Nothing to big but some were very fat.

    After this float we stopped at the Lolo Creek Steakhouse for a late dinner. What a treat for us meat lovers and a must stop when you are in the area for the fabulous service and great food.

    Our last day floating took us up the Blackfoot above Whitaker Bridge. This day was fun and strange. After my friends hooked a double I paddled to the bank for a few pictures. After the pictures and the safe release of two beautiful fish we spent a little time wading and all of a sudden a chipmunk was swimming and bit one of my friends :rofl:

    We headed back downstream and later stopped for some more wading when all of a sudden one of my friends yells out "Bear in the river, get the camera." I look up river and there is this bear swimming down river and heading right to us. We did some hollering and I grabbed the camera but it was to late, the bear exited about 20 yards up stream of me on the other side of the river and ran up the hill. Needless to say we kept our eyes open a little more for the rest of the float.

    I caught the biggest fish of the trip, a fat 16/17" rainbow, stood up to play it and stepped on my anchor release:beathead: That is the second anchor in two years lost on the Blackfoot. Thankfully I had brought some empty basketball nets and we rigged up a rock anchor with a new rope :ray1:

    The day ended with a beer at Whitaker Bridge (I did not drink alcohol the entire float -- even with the anchor being lost) and we headed back to the Oxford Saloon for our last night in Missoula.

    Start sending ideas for Mancation IV as we are beginning our planning now for next summer. Thanks for reading and I will try and post picts soon.
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    Awesome report.....thanks. Getting it by a chipmunk, priceless. I'd like to see those pics. thanks.