Swap Marathon Swap, the November edition

I recieved my dry flies in the noon mail, they all look great!

I am putting my November flies in the mail tomorrow

Ron thanks for hosting this endeavor and thanks to everyone for getting your flies in on time. I can't wait to try them all out.

I was especially impressed with the flies from Lefty, Vickie and Theron. Ron, I wish we had that bonus fly with us that day on the Cowlitz.

Looking forward to a nice box of wet flies after Thanksgiving

Warren, Yup, that fly would have been the ticket all right. That's the fly I have caught all three steelhead on last month.

Looking forward to the wet ones. Everyone is doing a great job on the tying, which makes it pleasant for everyone. Getting all the flies in on time makes my job so much easier, so everyone is on the ball there too.

Thanks all, a wonderful selection of flies!

I received 2 of one pattern. If you did not get a toe tagged fly called "Liquid Lace" - shoot me your address and I will forward it to you.

Surf Candy,

You guys were so generous with the extra flies, I kinda spread them out randomly, hence some got an extra fly. (Actually I stood back a step or two and tossed them at the paper cups with your names on them that I use to sort the flies. Those that had an extra land in their cup got to keep it.) I also made sure I had a couple copies of the extras for my own box.

Just received the dry flies in the mail. This is a great collection. Thanks everyone for the good work.. thanks REE for hosting. Can't wait until next month..
jesse clark

C Van

coming soon to a stream near you
What a great swap, It was almost like Christms or my b-day getting a box of flies in the mail!! All the flies look great, except for mine :beathead: but I'll keep on triing, I can't wait to get next months flies, mine aren't done yet, it take about 30 tries to get enough good flies to send. Thanks to Ron swap meister supreme
Yay!! I got my box-o-surprises today in the mail and they look great. Good job to all. REE -- a great start to yet another fine, organized, enjoyable swap. iagree
Gee, guys, now ya got me blushing. Your all making my job as meister soooo easy. Well tied flies, in on time, what more could a swap meister ask for? Thanks for the compliments.