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    Thanks to the good people at Costa Del Mar putting on their Costa Big Fish photo contest, my buddy Randall and I had an opportunity to make a quick trip down to Cabo San Lucas last week to hang out and fish with the crew from Fischer Productions (the guys who do Expedition Great White and Offshore Adventures) onboard both their converted crab-boat mothership (M/V Ocean), and the 45' Cabo sportfisher they carry around from place to place on the deck, and bearing the same name as their previous Offshore Adventures Viking yacht; the Go Fisch.

    Chris Fischer, Capt. Brett McBride, Capt. Jodie Whitworth, and the rest of the crew (Todd, Denny, Juan, and Luis) were all really cool guys and we spent the first evening hanging out on the deck of the Ocean drinking beer and swapping stories. We actually ate dinner on the hydraulic deck that they use to lift the great whites out of the water. It became clear really early on that these guys really care about shark and research they do is their top priority. The TV show just provides the funding to let them keeping doing what they need to do to learn more about great white sharks.

    The next day, we fished on the Go Fisch. The target was blue marlin on conventional tackle. The first fish we raised didn't stick around, but a striped marlin hit not long after and I got that one to the boat pretty quickly for a clean release. We saw a few tailing marlin on the way in, but weren't able to get any eats. Back on the mothership, we hung out and had beers and appetizers until it was time to say our goodbyes and head back to shore. They've got some really cool stuff in store for seasons 2 and 3...

    The next 2 days, we fished with our friends at Baja Anglers. We tried again for marlin the first day, but there aren't many striped marlin in the area yet. We had one wahoo in the spread that was hot for the fly, but a little dorado got in the way and beat him to it. We ended that day with one dorado each.

    On our third and final day of fishing, we headed straight to the banks where more dorado were being reported and decided to get after those instead of the marlin that were few and far between. It didn't take long to get into a few nice singles in the 15-20 pound range, but it was still hard to get marlin off the brain even though we knew our chances were slim. That all changed when a good school of dorado came in on the teasers and it was WFO from then on. We were doubled-up on dorado as fast as we could get our flies back in the water after each release. By the time that mayhem slowed down, we had just enough time for a last ditch shot at a marlin on the way in. We didn't raise any, but did have one wahoo come in for a quick slash at the teaser bait before continuing on its way.

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    Love the footage of the teased-in dorado snapping up your fly at close range!