Matching the Hatch


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With the past couple of nights being windy I had not been out for the usual evening rounds of the lily pads, tonight about 7pm the wind died down so I headed out for some top water goodness. I made the round of the southern end of the lake and by the time the sun was setting had hooked up with 2 or 3 LMB (only one was decent size) and a greedy perch.

As the sky turned colors all of a sudden fish started rising, not just a few either it looked like the entire southern end of the lake was eating. I watched for a while as bugs were sipped from the surface surprised the trout were out and about, the last time I had checked the surface temp it was well over 75. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and dug around my tube until I found a dry fly that kind of matched the color and tossed it out there. I didn't have to wait long before a fish rose near my fly, and with a little twitch for movement and a swirl my fly was gone.

As soon as I set the hook and saw the bend in the rod I knew it was a good fish, but when it didn't fight at all I figured it was the heat and planned on bonking it since I hadn't eaten yet. But when I got it to the boat it was a bass that probably went 2 lbs! I figured it was a fluke as I released him and tossed the fly back out there and sure enough, another bass.

I ended up fishing until I couldn't see the fly and would set when I heard something splash beyond the end of my line, when I couldn't see the fly line anymore I finally headed in. It was probably some of the most entertaining fishing I have had all year.Although I have caught bass on drys while fishing for trout once and a while this was the first time I had really seen them actively feed on a hatch.

Pretty good evening on the water.