Maxcatch (cheap Chinese brand)

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    I have a 3wt Lamiglas honey that has become one of my favorite rods over the years. Unfortunately it's only a 2 piece, which doesn't make it ideal for backpacking or hiking.

    I was looking through ebay for a cheap glass rod and came across Maxcatch, made in China. I read some reviews, watched a few youtube videos, and pulled the trigger on a 3wt, 7' 3 piece in the orange color. I also ordered one of their cheap reels while I was at it.

    a package arrived about a week later, and I am seriously impressed. the rod is beautiful, has great action, fits tight. and the reel is smooth and looks like it should cost 2x as much as it did. This will be my go-to creeking, bikepacking, and backpacking rod this summer. Lined it with a Rio DT 3wt and it casts nice.

    anyways, thought i'd mention it, since I haven't seen anything about maxcatch on here. I ordered directly from the site and put in a 20% off code, out the door price was $107 shipped. they even gave me a sun buff, a chest pack and free line as a gift.

    no affiliation, just impressed.
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    If inexpensive is what you're after plus something with a track record of being solid plus a company with a decent warranty, I'd look at the Cabela's cgr. Personally, after playing around with a number of those cheap blanks, I always found them to be really clunky. Having also owned the 6'6" 4wt cgr, it's perfect for that kind of fishing and is a roll casting machine. They'll also cost far less...currently on sale for $39.99

    Some folks over at Fiberglass Flyrodders do like the Maxcatch, however.
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    Ditto on the 4 wt 3 piece CGR, which I took hiking in the Sierra last fall. Works well on streams and has enough oomph to cast lakes if you aren't facing wind.
    I also have the 3 wt CGR, the 4wt casts noticeably better and has a threaded reel seat.
    however, those colored translucent Maxcatch rods sure look cool and I was wondering about them myself, to try a 3wt