NFR McGinn asks Seattle retailers for voluntary gun control

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Grrrrrr... I seldom post in this section, but need to vent. I live in W. Seattle and have a concealed carry permit. I don't use it as often as I should (which is always), but I typically carry whenever I go to a local park or a late night convenience store in my neighborhood.

So our dipshit mayor (in an effort to garner more of a share of the liberal vote away from his competitor) is asking retailers to voluntarily put up "No gun zone" stickers. I am on a slow boil here. First it was his illegal parks restriction for handguns (overturned) and now more of his personal agenda.

I believe he will lose this election (maybe I just really hope so), but enough is enough. I intend to tell any (W. Seattle) retailer that carries the sticker that they have lost my business, in person.

Crime is everywhere. At least in Seattle, common sense is nowhere to be found.

Thanks for letting me vent. Good shooting and fishing to you all.



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I'm not going to debate the pro's and con's of the Mayor's initiative - I'm sure others will do a better job.

It does show real desperation on the mayor's part. It's such an obvious attempt at inventing issues simply to get re-elected. As a citizen of Seattle (oh, wait, am I a resident or inhabitant of Seattle? what's the right term these days?) I really fear that his tactics will work.


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Ed, we drank beer together... hell, we're practically brothers ;). Of course I'm friggin joking... amazingly however some that live in the "Land of Oz" are not. Any store with one of these stickers won't get my business...whether I'm exercising my 2nd amendment right or not.
But gun free zones work so well in Oakland.
Just ask the people hiring their own security for protections in suburbs of Oakland
Oakland did away with guns and now they do not even feel safe walking their dogs in the middle of the day and many blocks are pooling money together to rent their own protection.
Unfortunately your dipshit mayor was elected by the dipshit majority of citizens of Seattle. Whatcha wanna make a bet they elect another dipshit?
HA! That's nearly verbatim what I said to my wife this past weekend as we walked by a "McGinn for Mayor" sign in our neighborhood.
I'll have to double-check but my recollection is that WA law doesn't require a CCW holder to follow the "gun free" zone signs unless those signs are gov't posted (i.e., courthouses, schools (w/ exception), etc.). In other words, an individual business can't mandate your ability to carry.