Methow Area Lakes

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My girlfrined has been bugging me to take her down to the Methow Valley after hearing me rave about it for so long. I was wondering if there were any good fly fishing lakes in the area? Also are there any good on-line references on Washington Lakes. In BC we have a great publication called "Backroad Mapbooks" that describe lake fishing and show access routs, do you guys have anything like that down in WA?

Any help will be appreciated, feel free to PM if you feel more comfortable.

As always feel free to hit me up for BC trip planning help..........
WDFW has fishing access on their web site.
The regs will also tell of "Selective gear" lakes.
Seems there was a post a few days ago about the Methow lakes
See Pearrygin lake post.

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We did have a post like this a couple of days ago. Pearrygin was rehabed last year but got a good dose of plants. There is also Big Twin. A floating device would be the best bet for either lake. There are other lakes up in them thar hills.
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I was at work when I posted so I did not have time to comb the topic archives. Will do so now. I am thinking of checking davis, big twin and maybe buck lakes out. As with any visit to that area it is as much about the scenery and wildlife as it is the fishing (and did I mention the great micro-brews you guys have down there).

Thanks again for the replies.
from what i saw over there a few weeks ago... big twin had a fishkill past winter but is restocked and might have some bigger restocks (local club still trying to get aerator ).... davis has smaller but plentiful fish and maybe some larger...good place for fun and numbers....chironimids but damsels should be coming on now... fished patterson in afternoon .. slow but report of bigger fish...good place to take girlfriend for a drink up the road at sun mt. lodge... enjoy
There is also Big Twin.
I was over there a couple of weeks ago and when I talked with Greg Knab (local guide and fly shop owner in Winthrop) he mentioned Big Twin froze over harder than usual this last winter and there was a fish kill. New plants are available but most of the bigger carry-over fish may be toast.

Per the WDFW site: "Big Twin Lake, near Winthrop, suffered some winterkill but will be planted with triploid rainbows up to 1.5 pounds and catchable rainbows to 12 inches."
Thanks for all the replies, we had a great weekend down there. Every time I spend time in the Methow Valley I learn to love it more (my fingers are crossed for an october opening needless to say). We fished Davis, Campbell and Buck Lake and caught as many fish as we wanted to in every lake. The fish were all 12-14" but that was OK since my girlfriend is new to fly fishing an likes to have a consistent bend in her rod....

As always the scenery, wildlife and drive along HWY 20 made the trip extra special.

Thanks again for the advice,

Took my son over last weekend (I'm the one who posted the Pearrygin a couple weeks back). Caught plenty of 12"-14" bows at Pearrygin and spent an evening and a morning on Big Twin where we caught 14"+ fish. Good fishing everywhere. Big twin is definitely all plants averaging 14" (1lbs) but one of our group caught a 17", 2 1/2 lbs bow. Looked like it was still a recent plant from the condition of the fins though.


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I saw a fish in big twin lake once, we got there and there were fish rising everywhere, got out of the car and all of a sudden there were steady 30 mph winds and no fish...


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Might look at trying Patterson Lake, it has a varity of fish.. I think you can rent a boat ot the resort there. This is a very under fished lake. planted Tiger trout in the a couple of yrs ago they should be getting some size. Plus plenty of rainbows. If you feel like bass lake has them to. But you need a boat to really cover the lake . For the Tigers try over at the inlet creek.