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It's the generation gap thing again... we went through it during the 60s and 70s with the "oldies". Guess we never realized we'd someday end up the oldies.


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I always figured that if you are going to type a word that you would spell the whole word out. Some people don't know the correct way to spell words. But that is what the spell checker is for.

Like my Grandson. We were talking yesterday and instead of saying "emergency brake" in a sentence he said "E brake". To many people put their own words where the correct words go.
didn't you work at boeing for like a million years, where 3/4 of the tribal knowledge is shared in acronyms?


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If I ever hear about anyone`s fucking epic day fishing mids for steelfaces , I`m taking up bowling .
Ok, I won't say it but I've had double digit days fishing for anadromous O. mykiss using chironomids. I lost the biggest one of my life last month when my sz 14 hook broke as I was lifting his head up to land him: