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Have any of you used one of the small lightweight interchangeable lense DSLR? The popular one is a Lumix. I have read a bit about them and the smaller lighter weight is attractive.
I have a Pentax W-60 for pix when fishing but I am interested in something better, but the weight and bulk of the standard DSLR cameras bothers me when hiking/walking/biking.
Any input?
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I have play around with my friend's Panasonic Lumix GF, what I feel is "in between". between P&S and DSLR
The size is "in between"; the image quality is "in between", and price range is doing the same.
However, I have found the extension accessories (flash light, cable etc...) are more limited than the real DSLR.

So at the end, I give it up... I think if you are concerning about the camera weight, and not really want to go Pro in the future. but you will want some flexibility in terms of change the lens... Nikon D5000 is pretty small, or Pentax has several lightweight DSLR specially design for female users. Those are all excellent. I have even found a French-Canadian photographer (fashion photographer) use a small Pentax DSLR for his professional shooting. Amazing works too! see link.
Hope this help.

Sounds like you're thinking the Lumix GF1. It's considered a compact DSLR using a micro four thirds sensor. The sensor is a bit smaller than full sized DSLR's with APS-C sensors but it still has excellent low light image quality and can produce decently noise free images at higher ISO. Basically a smaller camera & lens package that gives up some full size DSLR image quality performance for less weight and size. Unless you demand pro quality images or need flawless large prints the 4/3 cameras are very nice. There are others besides Panasonic (it's excellent) worth your consideration. The 4/3 concept is kind of a new breed of digicam so check out all the major camera makers 4/3 kit offerings and lens options. You'll find something you like.


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Take a look at the Sony alpha NEX 5. 14.3 Megapixel w/video, inter-changeable lens with some nice lens offerings, small, lightweight with many other nice features.

Besides I hate anything Panasonic. The company freakin' sucks.

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KerryS;598808 Besides I hate anything Panasonic. The company freakin' sucks.[/QUOTE said:
Kerry -- Curious why you that. Their partnership with Leica gives them superb lenses and their processer and menus are very good.


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Kerry -- Curious why you that. Their partnership with Leica gives them superb lenses and their processer and menus are very good.
Panasonic left me and a few thousand other customers holding an $800.00 bag on a different $2000.00 product. I said I would never do business with them again and vowed to bad mouth them every chance I got. So, SCREW PANASONIC! The will never see another dollar from me and perhaps I will sway someone else from giving them money.

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Sorry to hear that but I understand. I've had a similar grudge with the Bon Marche for 40 years.
I do like my LX5 though and so far, no issues.
Definitely check out the Pentax offerings. After doing what seemed like months of research last year I decided to buy a Pentax but let others talk me out of it because most people don't know much about them and couldn't give much feedback. I ended up buying a canon 7d which works great, but dang it is big and heavy. I do a lot of backpacking and weight and size matter a lot to me. My wife surprised me the other night with the camera I wanted to buy in the first place, the Pentax k-5 and ohhhh it is nice. I have only been playing with it for a couple of days now, but my neck and back are already feeling less strained. If you have any doubts about the quality read a review from dpreview.com. They have really in depth reviews. Here is the review of the Pentax K-5 http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/pentaxk5/ I talked a freind of mine into buying a used pentax k-7 and it is a great camera as well. One of the nicest things is that you can get multiple kit lens that are weather sealed.