Minnow patterns


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Well my friend from Idaho trolls purple and white rapala's with his sled and hammers big fish in the big res. in Idaho - one of his favorite color of plugs for big bows! when I think minnow flies I think "big trophy fish" so have to have a selection of colors for dialing in A bite or should I say SLAM!!! SUN - NO SUN - EARLY LIGHT - MID DAY LIGHT - EVENING LIGHT, All these can change a color preference through out the day! Alot of this is still a learning process for me. I had some good success last spring and upping the bar this spring. If I wasen't always trying new tactics, or trying to grow, I'd get bored really, really fast and probably just take up golfing again.
Paul, that is basically what I thought of tying up as my go to minnow pattern, of course with various color combinations. Simple and fishy looking. Thanks for sharing!