Not to be confused with Freestone
Our 5th annual MT trip this year, my brother and I took his grandson on his first ever fly-fishing trip to Montana. We floated the Big Hole (Melrose to Browns), the Beaverhead (High Bridge to Pipe Organ), the Madison (Varney to Town) and then Big Hole (Glen to Notch). Stubborn at times, but the local residents yielded and provided plenty of action. One wade trip on the Ruby on our off day proved difficult for them, but I managed an hour worth of fast action when they headed back to the truck with ominous looking thunder heads looming -- one of these days my fish craze will get the better of me.
The last 3 days were spent at a cabin on the BH and that was great fun making greasy bacon, sausage, egg & potato breakfast and BBQ dinners. A larger cooler full of beer with Dr. Pepper for Ryan, and plenty of chips w/ onion dip. Evening hatches and catching was steady eddie everyday making for great memories... I hope Ryan's not ruined :).
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